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Porter is a regional airline serving the North America market. It was founded in 2006 and currently flies to 24 destinations in the U.S. and Canada. Its fleet consists entirely of Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 aircraft. It’s headquartered at the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport and employs around 1,000 staff.

Contact details

What are the Porter Airlines check-in options?

Mobile boarding passes and priority boarding
Online check-in
Priority boarding
Flying with children
Seating for infants and children
Unaccompanied children
Flying while pregnant
Group bookings
Disabled access and medical equipment
Pets and service animals

Online check-in

Online check-in for flights opens 24 hours before departure. You can check-in online here. After checking in, your boarding pass will be sent directly to your mobile phone by email. You can either save it to your Passbook app or save the QR code for scanning at the airport. Before you leave the house, be sure to check out our guide to 10 things to do before your flight.

Priority Boarding
Viporter Passport and Priority members are entitled to priority boarding at selected airports. Others benefits, including priority security lane and priority check-in, apply to the Viporter member and any companions traveling on the same reservation (excluding group bookings of 10 or more passengers).

Priority boarding

Infants under the age of 2 years but older than 7 days may be carried on the lap of the accompanying adult or fly using an approved car seat at the full adult fare. If you plan to fly with your infant on your lap, there is no cost on Canada-internal flights but the airline is required to charge fees for flights into the U.S. (including the U.S. Immigration User Fee/Customs Processing Fee). Adults 16 years or older may travel with only one infant. Note that the adult must not be seated in an emergency exit row of the aircraft and that Porter can only accommodate a maximum of 5 infants per flight.

Seating for infants and children

If you do not plan to fly with your infant on your lap, you must bring your own infant car seat as the airline does not provide them in flight. You will need to reserve a seat on the flight at an adult price for your child. Reservations cannot be made online so you will need to call +1-888-619-8622 to make a booking. Note that infant car seats carried on board a flight need to be approved for aircraft by either the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (CMVSS) 213 or 213.1 or the United States Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 213.

Unaccompanied children

Chaperone services for children are offered for children ages 8 and 11 years traveling alone. Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult aged 16 or older when traveling, and the accompanying adult must be seated next to the child. A service fee of $100 is charged for the Unaccompanied Minor Service (plus any applicable tax) per child per direction on top of the fare price. Porter can accommodate up to 4 unaccompanied minors per flight, and the service is available only on non-stop flights. The service is optional for children aged between 12 and 17. You will need to contact the airline 72 hours before departure to arrange this service.

To help prepare your child for their flight, we have a helpful guide for kids flying solo.

Flying while pregnant

Expectant mothers may fly up until 36 weeks of their pregnancy without a medical certificate, although having one ready is recommended to prevent delays at check-in. From week 36 to 38 a medical certificate is required that has been issued within 48 hours of the departure flight. Air travel is no longer permitted after the commencement of the 38th week of pregnancy. Here’s our guide to flying while pregnant.

Group bookings

You may inquire into group bookings if you plan to travel as a party of 10 or more people. You can get a group travel quote and potentially a discount here. Special requests can be made on the form as well, including grouped seating arrangements.

Disabled access and medical equipment

You can email Porter at disabilityassistance@flyporter.com or contact their hotline on +1-855-542-3707 to query into receiving special assistance. You will need to do so no later than 48 hours before departure. Such services include:

  • The use of portable oxygen concentrators in flight
  • Additional seating for a personal attendant or yourself
  • The transporting of a battery-powered wheelchair or mobility aid

The carriage of your wheelchair or mobility aid is free of charge. Note that storage of wheelchairs in the passenger cabin is not possible and that chairs need to be less than 56 x 50 inches in height and width respectively to be carried in the cargo section.

We also have guides to flying with disabilities and traveling with medication.

Pets and service animals

Pet travel is restricted to house cats and small dogs that weigh no more than 20 lbs (including the pet carrier that does not exceed the dimensions of 22 x 16 x 9 inches). Porter allows only 2 pets in the cabin on any given flight, so you will need to reserve space for your pet at the time of booking or call 1-888-619-8622 no later than 24 hours before departure. You will not be able to check-in online if you are traveling with your pet and must see a customer service agent upon arrival at the terminal. Note that pets must remain in their carriers from the point at which they undergo security screening until you arrive at your destination.

Check out Cheapflights.com’s guide to flying with pets.

What are Porter’s baggage allowance limits and fees?

Carry-on size
Checked luggage size
Extra and overweight baggage charges
Musical and sport equipment

Carry-on baggage allowance

Two items of carry-on baggage are permitted, free of charge, per fare-paying passenger. The allowed dimensions are as follows:

Carry-On Maximum Weight Maximum Size
Standard Article: 20 lbs. 22 x 16 x 9 inches
Personal Article: 20 lbs. 33 x 13 x 17 x 6 inches

If your carry-on is overweight or oversized, it will be checked at the gate for a fee starting at CAD$47.50 to $129.38, taxes included. Carry-on baggage is limited to 2 pieces.

Checked baggage allowance

The checked baggage allowance depends on whether you have a Firm, Flexible or Freedom ticket, and whether you book online or at the check-in counter. Click here for an overview of Porter’s checked baggage allowances and any respective excess baggage fees. Note that Porter only accepts debit or credit payments at check-in and the gate (no cash) if you do plan to bring extra baggage over and above the weight or size restrictions.

Musical and sport equipment

You can carry sports equipment with you as part of your free or purchased checked baggage if it is packed appropriately and meets the size and weight restrictions. Items that exceed the standard dimensions will incur an excess baggage surcharge. Items above 70 pounds and/or 80 inches (combined length, width, and height) will not be accepted for transport. Gold bags must weigh less than 50 lbs to be included within the single piece of checked baggage allowance. Note that the carriage of bicycles is charged at a flat fee. More information about specific kinds of sporting equipment can be found here.

What additional fees does Porter charge?

Booking fees
Flight cancellation policy
Travel insurance

Booking fees

Most of the airports in Canada serviced by Porter have their own Airport Improvement Fee (AIF) that is added as a surcharge to your ticket. The list can be found here. A full overview of any applicable state-charged taxes can also be found on the same page.

Flight cancellation policy

You can cancel your ticket at no charge if the cancellation is made within 24 hours of the booking. Other fees are delimited by the ticket class Firm, Flexible or Freedom. Here’s a full overview of destination-based cancellation fees.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance for Porter Airways is underwritten by RBC Insurance. Three standard insurance options are available, including non-medical, classical medical and travel only within Canada. A fourth Deluxe option is also available for passengers aged 74 and under. This includes:

  • Emergency Medical
  • Cancellation & Interruption (Interruption only if you have selected the ‘no cancellation’ option)
  • Baggage & Personal Effects
  • Flight Accident
  • Travel Accident

For more information, and to receive a quote, click here.

What amenities does Porter offer?

In-flight entertainment
Frequent Flier Program

In-flight entertainment

Check with the Airline directly for more information.


Complimentary snacks are offered in-flight but meal requests are not catered for.

Seating and legroom

If you would like to change your booking to a specific seat, you can do so on a Firm fare reservations for $20 plus tax. There are no additional charges for Flexible or Freedom fare reservations. Premium seats, those located at the front of the plane, can be reserved on Firm fare reservations for $40 plus tax. Premium seat bookings made on Flexible and Freedom fares are charged $20. If you do not reserve a seat, one may be assigned within 24 hours of scheduled departure. You can select your seat preferences (aisle or window, and area of the plane) through your VIPorter account, and the airline will attempt to accommodate your preferences when automatically assigning seats.


The Porter Airlines Toronto lounge offers views of Lake Ontario and the Toronto cityscape in addition to the snacks and beverages available. For the price of an economy ticket, the Porter Airlines Ottawa lounge provides free newspapers, wifi, and snacks to all passengers.

Frequent flier program

Porter Airways offers frequent fliers membership as part of the Viporter program. Here’s a list of benefits based on membership level, and where to sign up.

What about missing or damaged baggage?

Delayed, missing or damaged luggage
Compensation for baggage

Delayed or lost luggage

If you’re unable to locate your checked bag upon landing, please report the missing bag to airport staff within 4 hours of your arrival at the destination airport. The airline staff will then complete a Baggage Irregularity Report and enter your information into the baggage tracking system. Once your bag’s been located, they will contact you and arrange the delivery.

Compensation for baggage

If your bag is not recovered and delivered to you within 24 hours, the airline will provide you with a $25 electronic travel voucher per day for up to five days. If you have expenses because of a baggage delay and are eligible to receive compensation, they will also compensate you for reasonable and necessary out-of-pocket expenses. Finally, if your bag is not located within 21 days, Porter will pay you the value of the delayed bag or the amount of their Baggage liability. Note that If you’ve left the airport, you will need to report your missing bag in writing within 7 days of your flight arrival.

Fun facts

  • The airline’s mascot is a raccoon named “Mr. Porter.”
  • The airline’s maiden flight was to Ottawa on October 23, 2006.

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