Places around the world with funny names

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Some travel for the adventure; the opportunity to discover new landscapes, meet new people, and embrace the great unknown. For every regular place name you’ve never heard of is a name you wouldn’t believe. Take a look at our collection of places around the world with funny names.

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Truth or Consequences © Maya West/flickr (
Truth or Consequences © Maya West/flickr

Talk about five minutes of fame. This spa town in New Mexico changed its name from Hot Springs to Truth or Consequences during the 1950s, after a popular radio show of the same name promised to air from whichever town renamed itself first.

Beer Bottle Crossing, Idaho

Beer Bottle Crossing © Lucasz Panek/iStock/Thinkstock (
Beer Bottle Crossing © Lucasz Panek/iStock/Thinkstock

You’ve got to wonder how a place comes to be named something so specific. Then again, maybe it’s better if you don’t.

Cockermouth, Cumbria, England

Cockermouth © fourthandfifteen/flickr (
Cockermouth © fourthandfifteen/flickr

Cockermouth? And you thought Cockfosters in London was funny…

Boring, Oregon

Funny place names from around the world 14
Boring © Chris Murphy

Not the best name this small town in Oregon could have given itself, but hopefully the locals have a great sense of humor. Boring is actually named after a civil war veteran, who lived to a ripe old age and was buried with his wife in the local cemetery.

Dull, Scotland

Dull © Iain Farrell/flickr (
Dull © Iain Farrell/flickr

The only place more boring than Boring, Ore. might be Dull, Scotland. Needless to say, these two were made for each other, and were officially twinned in 2012.

Okay, Oklahoma

Okay © Dustin Moore/flickr (
Okay © Dustin Moore/flickr

Not much better than Boring or Dull, the name of this place is a permanent stamp of mediocrity that just won’t wash off. That said the residents seem “Okay” with it.

Wagga Wagga, Australia

Wagga Wagga © Christopher John SSF/flickr (
Wagga Wagga © Christopher John SSF/flickr

Wagga Wagga. So good they named it twice.

Poopoo, Hawaii

Poopoo © Forest and Kim Starr/flickr (
Poopoo © Forest and Kim Starr/flickr

As paradisiacal as we’re sure this small Hawaiian island is, one can’t help but be wary of a place named Poopoo.

My Large Intestine, Texas

My Large Intestine © 33ft/iStock/Thinkstock (
My Large Intestine © 33ft/iStock/Thinkstock

We obviously have a knack for naming places here in the U.S., because here’s another zinger. Apparently, the very concept of a place named My Large Intestine is so crazy that all GPS Mapping Services have refused to acknowledge it thus far.

Westward Ho!, Devon, England

Westward Ho! © Markles55/flickr (
Westward Ho! © Markles55/flickr

Basically, any name that requires an exclamation mark to express itself is dynamite as far as we’re concerned.

Backside, Scotland

Backside © Serghei Starus/flickr (
Backside © Serghei Starus/flickr

Located between Dufftown and Huntly in Aberdeenshire, Backside is surprisingly beautiful. Too bad it has such an unfortunate name.

No Name, Colorado

No Name © Emily Mills/flickr (
No Name © Emily Mills/flickr

It looks like this place could have used a little help – from anyone – when being established.

Feature © Joanna Poe/flickr

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