So, you’re on vacation and you are looking to up the ante in terms of excitement and adventure. You’ve pondered dining in the dark and you’re interested in the frugal aspect of BYOB dining, though neither seems to fully fit the bill.

Depending on your vacation location, you may want to try one of these four restaurants, where you can grab some grub in the comfort of your birthday suit. That’s right — at these places, skin is in. Read on, and get ready to takeoff and then “take it off” on your next vacation.

Bunyadi, London, England

This recently-opened restaurant in London, England may not be a lavish sight from the outside (which is actually the point), but inside guests are encouraged to disrobe and enjoy a dinner by candlelight. If, once inside, you are feeling a little intimidated, Bunyadi has a number of ways to make you feel more relaxed.

For starters, as a guest, you will be first ushered into a room where you can slip into a comfortable robe. Once you don your new duds, you will be escorted to a bar, where you will be supplied with a requisite number of “mixed looseners” (a.k.a alcohol). At this point, it’s time to explore the main event: the naked dining room. Right off the bat, the waitresses guiding you through the dimly lit room are also topless, which creates an additional level of comfort. In order to make the experience truly natural (and make the experience more comfortable), the restaurant has a strict “no cameras or cell phones” rule.

The restaurant itself is designed much like a spa, in order to give off relaxing and mellow vibes. In addition, there are also an array of strategically placed bamboo plants that give patrons a sense of privacy. The food itself is mostly raw and seasonal, in order to maintain the “natural” theme. The menu is rolled out in 5-courses and will cost you around $100 (not including drinks). And as an added benefit, you won’t have to loosen your belt afterward.

It is important to keep in mind that there is no strict rule at Bunyadi that one must dine in the buff. However, if you choose to experience the restaurant in the way it is truly meant to be experienced — you are not alone. It’s estimated that 80% of patrons disrobe and, during its three-month pop-up run over the summer, the restaurant accumulated a waiting list of close to 50,000 people.

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The Amrita, Tokyo, Japan

Traveling to Japan and feeling the urge to dine sans clothes? Then head to The Amrita. However, traveler beware, there are a few restrictions when it comes to dining here. The first is that all patrons wear paper underwear while dining. The second is that those who desire to nosh nude must be between the ages of 18-60 and must fall into a certain “body type.” If those restrictions do not deter you from wanting to experience Japan in the nude, then dinner will run you about $130.

Like Bunyadi, there is a no camera or cell phone policy. Unlike Bunyadi, guests are encouraged not to speak with guests who are not at their table. It is believed that this creates an ambiance of extra privacy.

The Bare Bistro, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This cafe is located near Toronto in Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. The hitch with this nude dining experience is that diners must be members of the park and must adhere to the dress code — which is no dress at all.

The Noble Experiment, Melbourne, Australia

While this was a one-night-only endeavor in Melbourne, Australia, its massive success has created chatter of more nude pop-ups on the horizon. The idea originated when two radio hosts asked the public if there would be interest in a night of dining naked. The response was huge and eventually 50 people were chosen to enjoy food in the nude.

Due to the recent popularity of international nude restaurants and pop-ups, would you be willing to travel to experience dining au naturel?

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