Summer is the perfect time to go swimming, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with the tan lines that come with a bathing suit. If you’re looking to trade your swimsuit for your birthday suit the next time you take the plunge, consider booking a flight (which you found on to one of these 11 skinny dipping destinations around the world.

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Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece

When it comes to nude beaches, few can compete with the rowdy reputation of Paradise Beach, Mykonos’ famed party shore. While the beach tends to draw party-goers and club-hoppers from around the world, rest assured these crystal-clear waters welcome skinny dippers around the clock.

Black’s Beach, San Diego, California

If you want to swim in the nude off the shores of sunny southern California, look no further than San Diego’s unofficial nude beach: Black’s Beach. Considered one of the top nude beaches by the American Association for Nude Recreation, Black’s Beach offers a secluded sandy shore under the cliffs of Torrey Pines.

Jerolim, Croatia

Shores throughout the rustic country of Croatia embrace FKK, or “free body culture,” and you’ll have some of the best views if you plan to skinny dip on the beaches of Jerolim. A designated nude beach, Jerolim is a popular spot for swimming in the buff, but shy swimmers can find plenty of empty coves and sandy shores throughout the island.

Helsinki, Finland

You’ll be wide awake after diving naked into one of Helsinki’s ice-cold lakes. In Finland, ice-hole swimming is considered a healthy practice, said to improve circulation, boost your immune system and give you a burst of energy. Head to Helsinki to try it for yourself at one of the local saunas.

Maslin Beach, Australia

Australia’s first official nude beach, Maslin Beach offers much more than a chance to skinny dip off of the Australian coast — Maslin Beach is also home to the annual Nude Olympics, complete with a “Best Bum” competition.

Hakone, Japan

You won’t have to look far for skinny dipping opportunities in Japan, where natural hot springs, or onsen, serve as a public bath house of sorts throughout the country. For some of the best onsen opportunities, check out the geothermal hot springs of Hakone, about an hour outside Tokyo.

English Garden, Munich, Germany

The Germans fully embrace swimming in the nude, and you’ll find one of the best spots to swim as the locals do is a public garden in the center of Munich. At English Garden, don’t miss a chance to strip down and plunge into the Eisbach, or Ice River, with the locals.

Samurai Beach, Australia

Secluded by sand dunes, the relaxing shores of Samurai Beach off the eastern coast of New South Wales are welcoming to nude sunbathers and swimmers. This tranquil beach is perfect for skinny dipping without the crowds of more popular nude beaches.

Little Beach, Hawaii

Technically, skinny dipping isn’t permitted on Hawaii’s shores, but over the years, Maui’s Little Beach has become one of the state’s most popular nude beaches. Skinny dip under palm fronds and the Hawaiian sun in this small cove in Makena State Park.

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Haulover Beach, Florida

While sexy bikinis are par for the course on the neighboring shores of South Beach, Florida’s Haulover Beach is your best bet if you’re looking to spend an afternoon skinny dipping in Miami. It’s technically the only legal beach for nude swimming, so you can strip down and jump in the water without fear of getting in trouble.

Red Beach, Crete, Greece

Greece is blessed with countless idyllic islands that beg visitors to soak up the Mediterranean sun, but if you’re hoping to avoid tan lines on your Grecian getaway, head to the hidden sands of Red Beach. Rocky hills and high cliffs offer an isolated escape for skinny dipping in the Aegean Sea.

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