We’ve told you about the best topless beaches in the US. Now we’re laying bare the world’s best nude beaches.

Wreck Beach – Vancouver, Canada

Canada’s first and largest clothing-optional beach attracts hundreds of thousands of people every year – many of whom dare to keep their clothes on! The three-mile beach – named for a shipwreck – lies below a forest which attracts wildlife of the feathered variety too – it’s a breeding ground for eagles and kingfishers.

Cap d’Agde – Agde, France

So popular is this beach with naturists – up to 40,000 people roll up a day during high season – that a great hulking stretch of it is reserved for them. The fenced off section even has a name – Village Naturiste (we assume you don’t need a translation). In fact, it’s more than just the stretch of the beach. Nudity is legal and common in this self-contained resort of shops and restaurants.

Samurai Beach – Port Stephens, Australia

Samurai beach offers naturism in nature. Situated just outside a national park, and protected by dense greenery and sand dunes, there are no facilities of any kind here. As one of the premier nude beaches in the country it plays host to a few scantily clad events. We’re talking the Nude Olympics in November (well the Aussies are sport-mad) and a nude carnival in February.

Hedonism II – Negril, Jamaica

Hedonism has a reputation for, well, hedonism. Frankly, it’s much more than a stretch of a white sand beach where nudity is permitted. It’s an all-inclusive resort that promotes naturism, playfulness and friskiness. And that’s putting it mildly. The resort describes its outside public space as a “lush garden of playful passion”. Need we say more?

Kehena Beach – Hawaii, US

It’s takes some effort to reach this secluded spot on the eastern side of Hawaii’s Big Island. And that’s the way Counter culture locals and aging hippies who’ve made this their haunt like it. The black lava sand and rough riptides means this quiet isn’t for everyone, for the chilled out non-judgmental vibe means free to let loose. Consider putting your clothes back on before heading back to the car…the rugged lava rock trail will severely punish and slips along the way.

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