Keep your mo’ looking first class this Movember

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Magnum PI. Ron Burgundy. The Monopoly Man. What sets these demigods apart from the rest of us mortals? That’s right, their impressive lip candy. Movember is here again. The month when thousands of men sprout their best cappuccino stains to raise awareness and money for a variety of men’s health issues. But a good moustache doesn’t just happen; it’s as carefully crafted as a bespoke suit, requiring constant tailoring and care. Even while traveling, you mustn’t neglect your delicate cookie duster.

Thankfully, some airports have barbers now, so you won’t even need to dig into your precious travel time to get it sorted. So instead of wandering aimlessly around duty-free, spend that time in the departure lounge getting your ‘stache sorted. We’ve found five of the best:

The best one for mo’ purists

The Barber Shop – O’Hare Airport, Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City is no place for an unkempt mo. After touching down in Chicago, stop off at the Barber Shop located in O’Hare airport. This is your dad’s kind of saloon. Don’t expect the barbers here to massage your ego or lather your ‘stache with a shampoo that has more vitamins than your diet, but you can expect to leave there looking fresher than a hotel pillow with a mint on it.

5 airport barbers to keep your Movember mo' first class 6
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The best one for that hipster flare

Taylor and Colt – Calgary Airport, Alberta, Canada

These stylish hipsters know what makes a trendy moustache. They’ll also give you complimentary drinks and a newspaper, so you can indulge your inner Mad Man by backhanding the sport’s section and saying “kids these days” while they tend to your every moustache need.

5 airport barbers to keep your Movember mo' first class 7

The best one for treating your mo’ like Kanye

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse – JFK Airport, New York, New York

If you prefer your grooming less straight razor and more oils and rose petals, then indulge yourself at the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. They have a collaboration with iconic New York hairstylist, Bumble and Bumble, so you know it’s going to be amazing. If your mo’ only had a day left to live, this would be how it would want to enjoy it.

5 airport barbers to keep your Movember mo' first class 2

The best one for when the desert dries you out

Emirates Lounge – Dubai International, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The desert and the moustache are mortal enemies. All that sand and wind can crusty up your precious handlebar faster than you can say “moustache”. Luckily the Emirates Lounge is use to damage control and they’ll have your flavor savor looking good as new. Or at least make you so comfortable you actually don’t care.

5 airport barbers to keep your Movember mo' first class 5

The best one for when your mo’ needs a holiday too

Elemis Treatment – Heathrow Terminal 5, London, England

Having commitment issues about returning to the real world? Put off reality a little longer and stop in for an Elemis Treatment. While it might be more feminine than a unicorn eating lavender potpourri, you’ll walk away feeling like a king. Besides, nobody’s going to question you when you have a moustache like a boss.

5 airport barbers to keep your Movember mo' first class 1

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