Airport Guide to Dresden (DRS)

Airport Name
Dresden International Airport

Airport Location
9km (approximately 6 miles) north of Dresden



+49 (0)351 8 81-3000

Airport Overview

Dresden International Airport is an attractive piece of industrial architecture, only 9km (6 miles) from the city centre. Once an aircraft hangar, the building’s interior is large and open, and is designed to be accessible and easy to navigate, with the different terminals and facilities all very close together.

Dresden International is a great place for children. The Departures Terminal has two play areas: one before and one after the security and check-in areas. If you’re bringing a baby carriage with you, you’ll be given another to use in the airport free of charge after you check yours in. Just ask at the oversized baggage counter.

Most travellers agree that Dresden International is well maintained, convenient and perfectly functional – just as airports should be.

Terminal Transfer

Arrivals, departures, amenity and conference areas are all within easy reach of each other. The arrivals section is on the ground floor and the departures section is on the second level. A covered walkway connects the departures level with the multi-storey car park.

Getting into Town

Train: The S-Bahn station is on the lower ground floor of the airport, and connects with Dresden’s two biggest stations, Dresden Neustadt and Dresden Central Station, as well as other stations along the line. The trains run every half an hour. A ticket costs only €2, and is valid on the train, tram, or bus. Buy tickets at automated ticket machines, or from the information desk.

Bus: Buses go in two directions and stop at most major centres. They leave regularly from just outside the main terminal building.

Taxi: A taxi from the airport to Dresden’s city centre should cost you about € 20. There are several companies that operate from the airport. The cars leave from just outside the main entrances of the terminal building.

Car Parking

You can park for a maximum of 2 hours just outside the entrance. Across the road from the main airport terminal building is a multi-storey car park with 1500 lots, connected via a covered walkway to the departures section on the second floor. Multicoloured lights at all levels will indicate where there are free spaces.

The cheapest short-term parking option is on Level 4. You can save money by pre-booking your space online, although you’ll be charged an additional booking fee of € 5.

For long-term stays, we suggest the outdoor parking lot P3, which costs just € 15 for 10 days. To get there, drive past the airport terminal and multi-storey car park. It’s on the right, after the freight centre.

All the car parks have pay machines that accept notes, coins and credit cards.

Information Desks

There’s a well-marked information desk is in the middle of the arrivals level, near the escalators. Here you can book taxis, guided tours of the airport and hotel rooms, or buy S-Bahn, bus and tram tickets, souvenirs, and maps of the city.

Airport Facilities

Money and communications: ATMs and currency exchange.

Luggage: If your luggage is missing or damaged, follow the red signs for the Lost & Found office on the arrivals level. The information desk on the arrivals level also functions as a lost property desk for any other valuables found in the airport. There’s a left luggage facility on the ground floor of the car park, near the entrance, where you can hire a locker for up to 24 hours (€3).

Conference and business: There are several VIP lounges and business centres associated with various airlines. Lufthansa’s Senator Lounge and Business Lounge are in the departures area, overlooking the runway. There’s also a general VIP lounge on the arrivals level (near the main doors), that you might have access to via your airline’s frequent flyer service. The lounge has magazines, newspapers, free Wi-Fi internet access, and a bar.

Other facilities: The Dresden Airport Chaplaincy holds various religious services, exhibitions and volunteer evenings. The chapel is in the arrivals section, and is open 24 hours a day. There’s also a travel centre in the Departures section that represents more than 20 different travel agencies.

Wi-Fi: The first-class and business lounges have free Wi-Fi internet access. Otherwise, you can access the airport’s WLAN service at any of the 11 hotspots throughout the airport, as long as your device has a WLAN card or an integrated WLAN module. Unfortunately, it’s not free – if you’re a Vodafone customer, you can choose to add the cost to your account or you’ll need to provide credit card details.

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