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Social Media:

Copa has a strong social media presence. Travelers can follow the airline on FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusYouTube and Pinterest. However, all of these pages post content exclusively in Spanish.

Mobile Airline Apps:

Copa Airlines has an app for iPhone users. Everyone else can access the company’s mobile website in order to check-in, book tickets and check their flight status.

Copa Airlines Check-in

Check-in times vary depending on the departure country. Travelers leaving the U.S. will need to check-in between three and 24 hours before their flight leaves.

Flight Status Information:

Information regarding flight departures and arrivals can easily be found on the airline’s website. Copa has an on-time flight departure rate of 75 percent, and only 3 percent of the company’s flights end up being cancelled. Passengers who are impacted by a delayed flight should approach the airline’s counter to find out what type of compensation they are entitled to. The compensation that is offered will vary based on the length of the delay and the type of ticket that the passenger has.

Copa Airlines baggage allowance

Carry-On Baggage: 

Travelers can bring one carry-on bag and a personal item with them.

Checked Baggage: 

This policy varies based upon the arrival and departure cities, but most passengers will be able to check two bags free of charge.

Fragile and Large Baggage: 

All fragile baggage should be carefully packed to ensure safe arrival. Copa allows travelers to bring bags that are oversized or overweight for a fee ranging from $100-$150. Sports equipment is also allowed, and each item has its own specific fees and restrictions.

Pre-arranged seating

Seating is assigned during the booking process in most cases. Copa uses five different airplane styles, and they include a mixture of 0-16 business class seats and 84-144 main cabin seats. The seat pitch for each Copa flight is 31″ in the economy cabin and 38″ in business class.

Passenger change details

Copa Airlines has a generous ticket change policy that will typically allow passengers to change their flight up to three hours before their original flight’s scheduled departure. Pricing varies, but some travelers will only incur a $25 fee for switching flights.

Child fares

A child who is 23 months or younger can travel internationally for only 10 percent of the price of the accompanying adult’s ticket, but they must be held in the passenger’s lap throughout the flight. Children who occupy a seat during the flight will receive a 50 percent ticket discount. Car seats can be brought on-board and used during the flight, but this requires a seat to be purchased.

Senior fares

Copa Airlines does offer a senior discount, but it varies based on the departure country. Therefore, travelers who think they might qualify for a senior discount should contact the appropriatesales office for their flight.


Cats, dogs and rabbits are allowed in carry-on and checked luggage. The carry-on fee is $75 per container, and prices vary for animals that are transported with checked luggage.

In-flight service

Copa offers in-flight entertainment such as movies and music.

Air miles

Copa participates in the MileagePlus program with United Airlines and the Star Alliance. The amount of miles that you need to travel will vary based on the departure and arrival countries. For example, a passenger going to the Caribbean from the U.S. can fly roundtrip with 35,000 miles.

Airline food link

Snacks, meals and beverages will be offered based upon the duration of the flight.

In-flight magazine

The Panorama of the Americas magazine can be accessed in-flight or from the mobile app.

Airline alliances

Copa is partnered with United Airlines, and they are also a member of the Star Alliance.

Airline overview

Copa Airlines is owned by Copa Holdings, S.A., and they offer international flights to 65 destinations. Copa has been operational since 1947, and their hub is located at the Tocumen International Airport in Panama City.

Copa Airlines Q&A:

•What is Copa’s policy for carry-on baggage?
Copa has a generous checked baggage policy that typically enables travelers to check two bags that weigh 51 pounds or less each for free as long as they also fit within the airline’s size restrictions. However, it is important to note that this policy can vary based upon the traveler’s departure and arrival countries. Additionally, Copa adopts the luggage policy of the longest stretch of your trip. In other words, if you are traveling a total of 3,000 miles but will only be on a Copa flight for 1,000 miles, you will need to follow the baggage policy of the other airline for both portions of your trip.

•Does Copa offer in-air Wi-Fi?
No, Copa does not currently offer Wi-Fi during flights.

•What are the baggage fees for Copa?
Copa allows up to two additional checked bags for $175 each, and oversized or overweight bags can be checked for a fee ranging from $100-$150.

•What is the check-in policy for Copa?
Domestic travelers must check-in at least one hour before their flight, and all international travelers need to be checked in three hours before departure. Copa offers four methods for checking in: Online, via the mobile app, airport web podiums and at the airport counter. Travelers can check-in 36 hours before their flight in most areas, but flights that are leaving from the U.S. can only be checked into 24 hours in advance.

•What is Copa’s phone number?

This information is subject to change. Please confirm all fees and details with your airline before booking.

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