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Email Address:onlinetravel@csupport.webjet.com.au.

Contacting flights within Australia and New Zealand is easy and fast. Find relevant information about meals, child discounts, frequent flyer programs, seat allocation and other details unique to each carrier. The contact information for individuals calling within Australiaare listed below:

•Qantas – 131313
•Jetstar – 131538
•Virgin Australia – 136789
•REX – 131713
•Skywest – 1300 660 088
•Air New Zealand – 132476
•British Airways – 1300 767 177
•Emirates – 1300 880 599
•Malaysia Airlines – 132627
•Singapore Airlines – 131011
•Thai Airways – 1300 651 960
•United Airlines – 131777

The contact information for flights within New Zealandare listed below:

•Virgin Australia – 0800 670 000
•Rex – 61 2 6393 5550
•Qantas – 0800 808 767
•Jetstar – 0800 800 995
•Emirates – 0508 364 728
•Air New Zealand – 0800 364 728

Social Media:

WebJet maintains a presence on FaceBook, Twitter and Google Plus. Travelers can book a flight using WebJet’s iPhone application, which can be downloaded using iOS 3.2 or the latest system. The option to book flights on the mobile device is available to residents of Australia and New Zealand.

WebJet Check-in

The check-in policy is also different for domestic and international flights. For domestic flights, travelers must check in one hour prior to the departure time. Certain Qantas flights are located in the international terminal, and these flights require passengers to check in 90 minutes prior to boarding. The minimum check-in time for international flights is 2 hours, but most airlines suggest checking in 3 hours before boarding. The amount of time available for checking in also varies between airlines. For example, Qantas is open 24 hours prior to the flight’s departure, and Tigerair is open 72 hours before the departure time.

Flight Status Information:

Departure and arrival times are instantly available on WebJet’s homepage. Simply enter the relevant information about the flight into the search fields, and press the green button to search through the flights. Some flights may experience occasional delays, so travelers may need to check their email or call their airline to receive notification of any schedule changes.

WebJet baggage allowance

Carry-On Luggage Policies:

WebJet’s airlines include Virgin Australia, Qantas Airlines, Rex, Tigerair, Air Asia, Jetstar and others. Each carrier has a unique policy for carry-on luggage. All airlines provide one free item for international and domestic trips, but the weight allowance is different for each of them. In addition, each airline provides a different set of plans for luggage on domestic flights. Carry-on starter plans allow for as little as 10 kilograms at no cost, and additional options for checked baggage are available for an additional charge. Some domestic airlines allow for up to seven kilograms of checked baggage for free, and additional amounts of weight can be purchased in several ways.

Airline Luggage Options: 

Various packages allow travelers to decide how much luggage to take, and these packages are priced according to the categories specified by each airline. For example, Virgin Australia has three packages, and they are the Saver Fare, Flexi Fare and the Premium Fare. Jetstar Airways has a Starter package as well as a Starter Plus option. The Starter Max and Business Max plans allow for additional checked bags. Tiger Airways allows carry-on bags up to seven kilograms for free, and an additional charge of $15 applies to each additional kilogram. Information about the luggage allowance for international flights must be determined at the time of the booking. Travelers must speak with their chosen airline carrier regarding policies for fragile, sports and over-sized items.

Passenger change details

Change requests are available 24/7 through an online booking system. Most WebJet’s carriers automatically generate an E-Ticket, which usually arrives within 24 hours of booking the flight. Travelers must contact their specific airline carrier for details about the size and width of the seats, seating allocation requests and legroom.

Child fares

Discounts for children may be available on international flights, but no discounts are offered on domestic flights. Virgin Australia and Jetstar airlines offer no child discounts at all, and Quantas does offer them to Super Saver customers exclusively.

Senior fares

No senior fares are currently available through WebJet, but each airline must be contacted directly to determine if these discounts still exist.


Policies for pets are also unique to each carrier, and travelers should always speak with an airline representative directly regarding accommodations for pets.

Air miles

Frequent flyer plans are offered by certain airlines, so contact the carrier directly for this information.

Airline food link

Every international traveler is qualified to receive a free meal, but some Jetstar and Virgin Australia flights will not provide a meal. The food offered will be different on each airline. This information is available through the airline service department, and vegetarian options can also be requested when the booking the ticket.

Airline overview

WebJet is a travel company offering hotel accommodations, car rentals and airline flights. Based out of Melbourne, Australia, this publicly traded airline was founded by David Clarke in 1998. The primary hubs of WebJet service include Australia and New Zealand. International flights are also available, and the primary hubs for these flights include North America, Hong Kong and Singapore.

This information is subject to change. Please confirm all fees and details with your airline before booking.

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