QUIZ: Which type of getaway are you best at packing for?

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Packing your bags can be one of the most exciting (or one of the most frustrating) parts of preparing for a trip, similar to searching for flights. And while you can count on Cheapflights.com to help in the flight search department, how a person packs for a trip is entirely personal. Some travelers love planning out exactly what they’re bringing with them, others take the “bring it all and figure it out later” approach. No matter what your packing style, there’s always one type of trip you’re best suited for – when packing comes easy and makes you feel more excited about your trip than frustrated about the prep work. Take our quiz to find your packing and travel planning sweet spot.

Now that you know what type of getaway you’re best at prepping for, whether you’re going on a long trip or a shorter one, you’re ready to book that flight.

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