C’mon and come to Coolidge Corner

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For visitors to Boston who want to get away from the crowds and expense of downtown.

If you’re visiting Boston but want to get away from the crowds and expense of downtown, hop on the T’s green, “C” line and head out to Coolidge Corner. Located in the town of Brookline, Coolidge Corner has been a boppin’ place for years. A mixture of young professionals, graduate students and young families, Coolidge Corner is a great choice for a night of fun just outside the city center.

You might start by heading over to the Coolidge Corner Theatre on Harvard Street and catching one of their independent or foreign films (greater incentive: they serve beer and wine). On Harvard Street, you will also find a nice collection of little shops and nifty spots such as the Brookline Booksmith, the flower shop, Kabloom, J.P. Licks and Peet’s Coffee. And in case you’re in the mood to do a little shopping, there’s also a Gap right across the street from Peet’s. If you have kids (or adults for that matter) with a penchant for puzzles and games, head over to Eureka just across the way on Beacon Street. With the aim of offering a “collection of items which stimulates the mind, is playful to the spirit, and has lasting value,” you’ll find jigsaw puzzles, mechanical puzzles, brain teasing games and much more.

When it comes to dining, there’s some serious deliciousness in Coolidge. I highly recommend Regal Beagle – a super cute bar and bistro a few doors down from the Coolidge Theatre. It’s named after the favorite pub of Jack, Chrissy and Janet on the 70s TV show, “Three’s Company.” If you want eats that are a little more casual, you might try Upper Crust Pizzeria, also just a few doors down from the Coolidge Theatre. If you cross Beacon Street again and go a few doors past Eureka, you’ll find Rani Indian Bistro – absolutely heaven if you love Indian food. For Chinese food, Sichuan Gourmet is not to be missed. Finally, if you take the T just a few stops farther inbound to Washington Square, you can have some of the most delicious Belgian beer and frites you’ve ever tasted at The Publick House.

Aside from having cool stuff to do, Coolidge Corner (and Brookline in general) is a pedestrian’s quaint paradise, where you can simply enjoy walking the idyllic streets. And when you’re ready for the hustle and bustle again, all you have to do is hop on the T and zip right back downtown.

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