LA’s surf scene: Come live it

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We’re not talking about paddling around on an inflatable raft here. We’re talking about real, live surfing.

Headed to southern California? Get off the beach and into the water. We’re not talking about paddling around on an inflatable raft here. We’re talking about real, live surfing.

Find out how to do it right at one of SoCal’s abundant surfing schools. Here’s a trio for your consideration:

–         Surf the Bu is one of the region’s best schools, Joel Shultz is the master teacher here. Learn out to perform a textbook “pop-up,” how to execute all the fundamentals of this liberating sea sport. Let Joel show you the niceties of timing, turning, trimming, and accelerating – as well as how to do them safely. Learn to surf on easy-to-ride soft boards, boards such as Doyles and BZ’s.

–         Manhattan Beach is a SoCal surfing Mecca. Learn how to do it ride the waves at Campfsurf, in the El Porto area. It’s just two miles from Los Angeles International Airport. If you’re new to surfing, this just might be the beach for a proper introduction. Instructors are experienced, savvy and effective. They impart more than the mechanics of the sport, the help inculcate the culture as well.

–         Revel in Santa Monica’s waves at Learn to Surf. Novices start out on foam beginner’s boards, and get standing up and surfing on their first lesson. If you’re a bit more advanced, instructors will help you perfect your technique. Summertime is prime, but Learn To Surf offers private instruction year-round.

Some tips: wherever you decide to surf, make sure that the folks who teach you are CPR and First-Aid certified. This is important. So too is the board you use. Ensure that it’s relatively soft. Then there’s the wet suit. This may be southern California, but that doesn’t make it south Florida. The water can get cold out here, even in summertime. Wet suits will help conserve body heart. You’ll need one.

That said, book a flight to LAX, rent a car, crank up The Beach Boys on your iPod and head west to the beach. You can’t miss it.

Story by Jerry Chandler

(Image: elfidomx)

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