Cheapflights’ Weekly Round-Up

Flight and hotel deals

The most notable flight deals, hotel deals, and airline news of the week

Just in case you’ve missed a beat, we’ve gathered up some of this week’s most notable flight and hotel deals, airline news, and industry stories.

Flight Deals
This week in flight deals, we saw a lot of international specials that made us crave an overseas trip.

Aeromexico is offering super cheap flights to Mexico between Oct. 1 and Dec. 12. Our favorite price is Miami – Mexico City for $85.

If you’re looking for a cheap flight to the Land Down Under, then stick with Qantas. This week, the airline prices flights to Australia from $798 until June 8, 2010. (And you can add flights to New Zealand, too!)

Travelers with a love for tango will also love LAN Airlines cheap flight to Argentina. Round-trip flights to Buenos Aires start at just $739.

Hotel Deals
Hotels around the country are more about fun than anything else this week. Get a steal in Vegas, luxury in Orlando, or a show-stopping experience in NYC.

If you’ve been to the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City, and are craving the same luxury with a bit of sunshine, take advantage of the new property in Orlando and its “Great Beginnings” package from Oct. 1 – Dec. 24.

If you’re mad about Mad Men, you’ll live Hilton’s new NYC deal that sets you up with a cheaper fare and tons of Mad Men paraphernalia – not to mention a chance to win a Mad Men sweepstakes.

Get ready to have the weekend of a lifetime when you stay 3 nights at the Palms Resort and Casino in Vegas for 30% off. Enjoy!

Airline News
While not surprising in this economy, it’s still interesting to know that airlines, both domestic and international continue to hike up fares and fees in order to bring in the green.

It’s expensive to travel during the holiday season anyway, but United and American truly capitalize on the crowded skies with an additional $10 fare on holiday tickets.

Now when you fly British Airways, you can choose your seat up to 355 days in advance, as long as you’re willing to pay the price.

Addicted to nicotine? You might want to consider flying Ryanair. The low-cost carrier now sells smoke-less cigs on board for $9 a pack.

Doing Good
Although there are fees to be added and problems to be found in every industry, this week also proved that the travel industry knows how to put humanitarian issues first sometimes.

Airline ticketing companies partner with the UN to help fight AIDS, and once these programs are in place in 2010, you will have the opportunity to help too.

In environmental news, the airline industry hopes to cut emissions by 2050. Blue skies, green skies – same thing.

Traveling for business or pleasure are always fulfilling in some way, but not quite as fulfilling as a voluntourism trip may be.

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Cheapflights Weekly Round-up: Flight Deals, Hotel Discounts and Airline Honors

Cheapflights Weekly Round-up: Flight Deals, Hotel Discounts and Airline Honors

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