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beach vacations

Soak up some sun at one of the top beach vacation destinations

For ultimate relaxation, beach vacations are the quintessential answer. Surrounding yourself with sun and sand is an effortless to way unwind, and by picking budget-friendly destinations and making smart travel choices while you’re there, beach vacations can also be easily affordable for every traveler.


Once you hit the Bahamas, you’re just 100 miles away from paradise. Gorgeous, 75 degree weather, white sand and turquoise water await you and make the perfect conditions for a relaxing beach vacation. To cut down on costs, stay in an apartment or condo rental. Attached kitchens help reduce restaurant costs, and since you’re situated in a luxurious setting already, you’ll be completely satisfied with your elegant (yet budget-friendly) beach vacation. No matter where you stay, bring your camera and snap away at the colorful memories of flamingos, lagoons and palm trees, because the most affordable souvenirs of all are tangible memories.

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Florida is one of the most affordable beach vacation destinations in the country. Opt for a beach vacation in one of Florida’s hottest spots and get the most luxury for your travel budget. With thousands of options for accommodations, Florida offers everything from five-star high-rises to cool campgrounds and RV parks, no matter where in the state you plan to stay. Just pick a location, enjoy the view, and settle into some quality beach time.

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Mexico brings a certain cultural complexity and diversity that makes planning a beach vacation more than just sun and sand. You’ll be able to take part in your Mexican surroundings no matter what your funds look like. While tours and active pursuits can add up, the bold, colorful buildings, entrancing salsa music and flavorful cuisine are all within reach of every traveler’s budget. For serious savings, opt out of expensive dinners, and instead spend your evenings with locals at a lesser-known restaurant. You’re bound to get more authentic food at a friendlier price.

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