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Contact details


In addition to calling the enterprise’s phone number, a patron can chat with a member of the business on Avianca’s website. The company’s site also has a page that is dedicated to the numerous tours that Avianca offers.

Social Media:

The enterprise manages an account on Facebook that has received more than 923,000 likes. The primary language of the profile is Spanish, and the company has added more than 5,000 photographs to the page.

In March 2011, Avianca created a profile on Twitter’s platform that currently has more than 344,000 followers. This account features 2,837 photographs and videos. Furthermore, the business has a profile on Pinterest’s website that contains more than 2,000 pins.

Mobile Apps:

The business offers apps that are compatible with all versions of the Android’s operating system, Apple’s platform and the system that the new Blackberry Z10 uses. By logging into the app, a customer will be able to buy tickets, view the status of a flight and read information about the company’s policies, and the business is currently developing a tool that will allow patrons to change their flight plans by using the app.

Avianca Check-in

Flight Status Information:

Customers can view the status of any flight by using the software program that is provided on Avianca’s site. According to hundreds of reviews, delays are quite rare; however, if a flight is postponed, the business will usually provide a full refund to each passenger.

Avianca notifies customers of the postponement of a flight within a maximum of 30 minutes from the time at which the delay was caused. The company’s policies indicate that Avianca can provide information about the problem by sending an email, using the mobile app or utilizing an automated system to call each customer’s mobile device.

Avianca baggage allowance

The airline allows passengers who select a seat in the economy section of a plane to bring one or two pieces of baggage that have a total weight of 50 pounds for free. Travelers who purchase a business ticket will be able to transport hold luggage with a weight of 70 pounds. The height of a suitcase must not exceed 158 inches, and the width may not surpass 62 inches.

If a customer has an oversized piece of luggage, the passenger will have to pay a fee of $50. Individuals who bring bags that are heavier than 70 pounds are required to pay $2.50 for each kilogram that surpasses the weight limit.

When a plane that is carrying a passenger’s luggage becomes delayed, the patron can track the baggage by using a special locator that the company provides. The system is usually updated once per hour.

Pre-arranged seating

Customers can purchase a ticket for a seat in the economy section or the business class. Avianca does not generally provide assigned seats; however, a traveler who has a disability may reserve a seat that offers extra legroom for free.

Passenger change details

Once a patron has purchased a ticket, the traveler will have the ability to change the itinerary as late as five hours before the plane is scheduled to leave the airport. Customers can check the status of a ticket by using Avianca’s online tool.

Child fares

A passenger with a child will have to buy a ticket for the youngster. If a patron is traveling with an infant who is under the age of two, the child will be able to board a plane that is only flying within Columbia for free.

In-flight service

Passengers will be able to enjoy seats that contain supports for the lumbar and are located near LCD screens, and each traveler can use a remote control that allows the customer to control the lights that are positioned near the seat. During each flight, the business provides numerous types of food, alcoholic drinks and coffee.

Airline overview

Founded on December 5, 1919, Avianca is an airline that is based in Colombia. The company merged with TACA Airlines in 2009, and the business recently became a member of the Star Alliance. The enterprise currently provides flights to 69 destinations, and Avianca’s subsidiaries offer flights to 31 locations. Avianca’s fleet has 89 planes.

The company’s bases are located in El Salvador, Peru and Colombia. The business has hubs at the El Dorado International Airport, the Romero International Airport and the Jorge Chavez International Airport.

The company’s website is The main color of Avianca’s brand is red, and the enterprise’s logo includes the name of the business and a drawing of a plane.

Avianca Q&A:

•What is the airline’s phone number?
Avianca provides different numbers for patrons who live in particular countries. To view a list of these phone numbers, a traveler should visit this page.

•Does Avianca provide wireless Internet services?
The company offers a free connection to the Internet for all of its passengers. Additionally, Avianca provides monitors, headphones and power outlets.

•How can a customer track a flight?
Patrons are able to view the time of departure, the time of arrival and the current location of a plane by using the state-of-the-art system on Avianca’s website. In order to see information regarding a specific flight, the patron must provide the flight number.

•What is the airline’s policy for customers who are checking in?
Travelers can check in on Avianca’s website, by using one of the company’s mobile apps or by visiting a kiosk that is located in the airport. Customers are able to check in 24 hours before their flights are scheduled to depart.

•Which countries do the company’s planes fly to?
Avianca provides flights to locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Belize, Costa Rica, Cuba, Curacao, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Paraguay, Venezuela, Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, Israel, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Belgium.

This information is subject to change. Please confirm all fees and details with your airline before booking.

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