Barbados has stayed true to its English roots since the early 1600s, when British sailors landed on the island. While the French, Spaniards and Danes fought over the rest of the Caribbean, the British settlers in Barbados remained steadfast to their English traditions. Today, tourists booking flights to Barbados can still expect to experience a little bit of British influence in this Caribbean destination point. 

Tourists booking flights to Barbados are heading into an island paradise. The Caribbean has carved out fantastic underwater caves in Barbados, creating a picturesque undersea environment prized by photographers, divers and snorkelers. Adventuresome travelers heading to Barbados for a glimpse of the underworld should book their Barbados flights and accommodations in advance. The weather is continually gorgeous on land, but marine life is swayed by undersea movements. While cheap flights to Barbados can be purchased during the off-season, snorkelers and divers should be aware of tropical storms and hurricanes that are common in the Caribbean. 

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Barbados climate

The Barbados climate is one of the best in the world. The average daily temperature is 78 F. It’s rarely too hot or too cold.

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Best Time to Fly to Barbados

One of the best reasons to fly to Barbados is the weather. Cheap flights to Barbados can be purchased if your travel dates and times are flexible.

Peak season:
Locals on the island of Barbados have a saying that makes booking flights to Barbados a no-brainer: "June too soon, October all over." Sunny skies dominate during the dry season between January and June, when short bursts of rainfall are less common and the temperatures remain high.

Off season:
Late summer and fall are heavy on the rainfall and are known for frequent thunder storms. Although bouts of rain are usually followed by immediate sunny skies and dry land, it's still a refreshing change to the tepid rays. Hurricanes typically avoid the area, but booking your cheap flight to Barbados during a rainy season might result in a bit of unwanted turbulence.

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Getting around Barbados

Trekking around such a small island has its benefits. The sheer simplicity of transportation makes your travel to Barbados one of ease. Taxis are pretty easy to find, especially if you look around entrances to hotels, where lines form and an order ensures you a ride. Rates are usually low, but it's always a good idea to set a price or to learn the flat rate before you choose a ride. For those who prefer riding privately, rental cars are available at more of an expense, and luckily, parking lots and gas stations are much more available than on most other Caribbean islands.

Bikes and mopeds are available and an easy choice for sporadic day trips with frequent stops. Competing budget bus lines are reliably low on cost and branch to a host of destinations, insuring that riders have adequate opportunity to explore. With all the available choices, rest assure that your flight to Barbados is only the start of your transportation experience.

Taxis are available in the cities.

The following chart gives approximate journey times from


(in hours and minutes) to other major cities and towns in Barbados.


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Barbados Travel Information

  • Scuba Diving: With over 25 sites to dive on the west coast of Barbados alone, diving opportunities are abundant and versatile. Beginners gear toward the Spawnee area, while more experienced divers head for the North point Light House, where it's easy to avoid weekend crowds. Just north of Bridgetown, it's an easy addition to your Barbados travel plan. At Brightledge, you'll see the largest variety of fish, including Moray Eels, Nurse Sharks, and the occasional Manta Ray. In waters as deep as 100 feet, scenery is anything but scarce, so be sure to check out the beautiful coral reefs, as well as the historic sunken ships like the Stavronikita and the Pamir.
  • Architecture: Although bumming around the beach has its perks, when you're tired of the waves and sandy catnaps, stroll through another element of beauty that will immediately add an unexpected vigor to your Barbados travel. Victorian homes, artistic hotels, and wooden chattel houses are among the grand human made artifacts that your travel to Barbados has to offer. Golf courses are immersed in immaculately manicured lawns, and the polo field at Garrison Savannah is an athlete's haven. Sixteenth century Italian sculptures add to the mix in this eclectic combination of aesthetics.
  • Pottery: In a creative mood? Embrace the island spirit pumping through your veins as you surround yourself with the organic conceptions of pottery. Each piece reflects the nature of the shore - both land and sea inspirations shine through the bright colors, smooth textures, and thoughtful ideas. Be careful packing on your return Barbados flight, though - these gifts look better unbroken.
  • Nightlife: A cocktail or two on your flight to Barbados can't hold a candle to one at a dinner show, club, or bar. Dinner shows display the history and culture of the island and offer the opportunity to experience and enjoy Barbadian cuisine. Clubs are splattered across St. Lawrence and Bay Street, creating a strip of live calypso and reggae beats. Harbor Lights, a well known bar, wins over tourists with its open-air beachfront atmosphere and deals on certain nights of the week.

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Barbados airports

Grantley Adams International (BGI) is where your cheap flight to Barbados will touch down, and fortunately for tired tourists, it's only 8 miles east of Bridgetown, making the commute to resorts a fairly painless one. The airport greatly expanded after hosting the 2007 cricket World Cup, and now has two parking lots, car rentals, a bar, restaurant, and shopping. Don't worry if you didn't arrange post-flight travel in Barbados, because a Mercedes Benz bus drops by every ten minutes or so to shuttle tourists to their respective hotels.

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Passport and Visa Information

Valid passports are required.

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Entry requirements

You will need a valid passport, but no visa required for vacations.

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