Yoga retreats where you can get away from it all in North America

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Whether you need a place to relax and regroup after the hectic holiday season or you want to take your yoga practice to the next level, a yoga retreat can be the perfect place for your next vacation. Each retreat may vary in terms of itinerary, but the bulk of your time will be spent practicing your yoga poses, meditating, eating healthy food, relaxing and exploring the often scenic grounds of most retreat centers. Yoga retreats make a great place to de-stress and focus on health and wellness for a weekend, a week or even longer.

With so many retreats across the United States and Canada, choosing one can be confusing. But we have you covered with our picks for some of the best yoga retreats across North America for getting away from it all.

Kalani Oceanside Retreat, Big Island, Hawaii

US and Canada yoga retreats where you can get away from it all
Woman practicing yoga (Image: Matthew Ragan used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license)

What better place to kick back, unwind and spend some time with your yoga mat than in Hawaii? The beautiful Big Island is home to Kalani Oceanside Retreat, which is Hawaii’s largest retreat center and one that has been attracting visitors from around the world for 35 years. They offer yoga programs for all levels, wellness workshops and spa treatments all in a beautiful setting.

Kripalu Center For Yoga & Health, Stockbridge Massachusetts

Enjoy the natural beauty of the Berkshires in western Massachusetts at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. This center provides an array of programs aimed at helping visitors lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. Programs and workshops are geared to a variety of needs, but expect daily yoga classes, healthy meals, massages, healing arts and hiking and walking trails where you can take advantage of the spectacular views.

Yasodhara Ashram, Kootenay, British Columbia

US and Canada yoga retreats where you can get away from it all
Yoga blocks (Image: Amanda Hirsch)

The Yasodhara Ashram Yoga Retreat and Study Centre was founded in 1963 and offers a wide range of yoga programs year round, from a three-month intensive program, to private retreats, teacher certifications and introductions to yoga. The center is set in the mountains of southeastern British Columbia on 115 acres where you’ll find beaches and trails to enjoy in addition to yoga and various workshops.

The Retreat at Veritas, Blue Ridge Mountain, Virginia

De-stress, get in tune with nature and enjoy hikes and healthy food at The Retreat at Veritas located on a vineyard in the heart of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Each day begins with 75 minutes of yoga followed by a day of hiking in the vineyards in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In addition to yoga and hiking, guests learn about the life cycle of the vineyard, enjoy chef-prepared meals and participate in other fitness and relaxation-based activities.

White Lotus Foundation, Santa Barbara, California

US and Canada yoga retreats where you can get away from it all
Woman practicing in a yoga studio (Image: Joel Nilsson Nelson used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license)

White Lotus Foundation is set on 40 scenic acres that create the perfect setting for inner reflection and a quiet chance to unwind. Various retreats are offered throughout the year, which include daily yoga classes, meditation, gourmet vegetarian meals, hikes, music, dance, ceremonies and discussions on yoga philosophy, diet and nutrition. Several types of accommodation are available, including yurts, tents and indoor loft spaces. They also offer yoga teacher training.

Shanti Yoga Retreat, Wolfe Island, Ontario

Shanti Yoga Retreat is located on Wolfe Island, just a short ferry ride from Kingston, Ontario. They offer yoga retreat weekends as well as mid-week wellness getaways. Yoga retreats include five yoga classes, meditation, vegetarian meals, an infrared sauna session and the chance to get out and spend some time enjoying the natural surroundings. Amenities include Wi-Fi, a wellness tea bar, the aforementioned infrared sauna, canoes, kayaks, water trampoline, hammocks, meditation garden and walking and cycling routes.

7 Centers Yoga Arts, Sedona, Arizona

US and Canada yoga retreats where you can get away from it all
Yoga mats rolled up (Image: Tony and Debbie)

Sedona’s 7 Centers Yoga Arts offers many ways to either learn more about yoga or deepen your practice. Choose from several pre-arranged personal yoga retreats or create your own based on the center’s extensive list of services and offerings. There are also yoga immersions, short courses and daily yoga classes for those who want to drop in rather than sign on for a retreat. Yoga retreats include both group and private yoga instruction, some of which will be done against a stunning desert backdrop.

The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Founded in 1981, Salt Spring Centre of Yoga is set on 70 acres surrounded by meadows, forest and organic gardens. The center offers yoga retreats, yoga holidays, yoga teacher training and special programs throughout the year. Personal yoga retreats make it easy to get away from it all and include yoga classes for various levels, meditation, and organic vegetarian meals

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp, Val-Morin, Quebec

The world renowned Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp was founded in 1962 and is located on 350 acres in the Laurentian Mountains. A stay at the Ashram involves a schedule that includes meals, two daily yoga classes daily, a silent morning walk, free time and optional activities that vary depending on the season. Do keep in mind, that the day begins at 6 a.m. Day classes are also available for those who live in the area or just want to drop in, and there is an Ayurvedic wellness center on site, too.

Shoshoni Yoga Retreat, Boulder, Colorado

Whether you are new to yoga and meditation or a long time practitioner, there will be something for you at Shoshoni Yoga Retreat in Boulder, Colorado. Yoga classes are designed for all levels of yoga, so everyone can get something out of a visit. Retreat lengths vary according to what you’re after and how much time you have, and include two yoga and one meditation class each day. In addition to practicing poses, guests can enjoy hiking trails, vegetarian meals, meditation shrines and a sauna and hot tub. Advanced yoga training and other events are also offered, as well as drop-in yoga classes.

Featured photo: Tomas Sobek

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