Waiting to Board with David Webb

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Travel writer David Webb shares his adventure travels.

David Webb is a Vancouver, British Columbia-based writer, editor, photographer and adventure travel enthusiast. Along with being a travel blogger at Across and Abroad, David is an award-winning magazine editor and prolific writer, appearing in magazines such as Western Sportsman, The Outdoor Edge, Cottage, Canadian Biker, Motorcycle Mojo, Westworld, Destination Fish, TV Week and Pacific Yachting. He also writes for the Canadian Tourism Commission – which allows him to brag about his home country. Check him out on Twitter at @davidebwebb.

Cheapflights: How did you first discover your passion for adventure travel?
David Webb:
I guess I have a vivid imagination and I probably read too many Tintin comics when I was a kid. I’ve always craved adventure; whether it’s traveling abroad, fishing remote areas, skiing local mountains or just riding my Kawasaki KLR650 with no destination in mind.

CF: What’s the wildest adventure you’ve had?
DW: Despite having visited some far-flung locations, the wildest adventure I’ve ever had was when I solo-rode Canada’s Dempster Highway on a motorcycle. The Dempster Highway is 736 km of dirt, mud and bad weather — each way — and the only all-season road in North America to cross the Arctic Circle. Doing it alone and on two wheels was amazing.

CF: What advice would you give the novice adventure traveler?

DW: Always be prepared. Some people have the idea that preparation takes the “real adventure” out of travel, but it doesn’t. You can still be spontaneous without being reckless, and frankly, nothing ruins a trip more than being cold, wet, lost or injured. So dress appropriately, learn the lay of the land and carry some basic first aid supplies.

CF: Your photo essays are fantastic. Do you typically have a source of inspiration?
DW: I find the inspiration to assemble photo essays after I return from a destination. While I’m out and about, I shoot a lot of photos. After reviewing them, I look for thematic inspiration from which to construct a photo essay.

CF: What are some absolute musts on your packing list?
DW: Foam earplugs, performance socks, iPod, Band-Aids and hand sanitizer — these will all come in handy no matter where you travel.

CF: Any tips on researching a new destination before taking off?
DW: Visuals can really help you acquainted with new and exotic locale. That’s why reading blogs about, or even doing a simple Google Image Search of your intended destination can be so handy — especially since you’ll find images that aren’t sanitized by official tourism agencies. Also, when asking friends’ opinions about places they’ve visited, remember their experiences, attitudes and expectations will be different from yours so you cannot judge what your experience will be by what theirs was. You just have to go and do it.

CF: Do you have a routine for staying healthy when you travel?
DW: I always make sure to eat fresh fruits and vegetables whenever they are available and I drink tons of water. Water is the key to health — when travelling, drink twice as much as you normally would and you’ll feel better for it. Also remember to ensure your hands are clean before you eat — but you should be doing that anyway.

CF: How do you discover local or off-the-beaten-path places?
DW: Blogs are a good start, but really the best way is to show up and just roam. Walk lots and take public transit — travel the way locals do and you’ll find those off-the-beaten-path places.

CF: What countries or regions do you believe offer the best bang for your buck?
DW: Despite the relatively high-cost of a plane ticket to get there (from Canada anyway), it’s hard to beat Thailand. It’s a wonderful country, easy to travel in and the dollar goes a very long way.

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