15 things everyone searching for a travel deal knows to be true

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When planning a vacation, many of us know that a great deal can be almost as rewarding as the trip itself. If you are a vacay bargain hunter, you’ll recognize these deal-seeking triumphs and tribulations. We’ve all been there.

1. Yay! You’ve decided to go on vacation. Now, you’re just going to casually check out a few sites and see if there are any vacation deals out there.

While you are definitely ready to embark on the vacay to end all vacays, you’re certain there is a way to do it and not be left wondering how you will pay rent when you get back. You are up to the task, you are totally chill about this process…

2. JOKES! You are in it to win it. Say “Bye Felicia” to your life for the next week. There are deals out there and you WILL find them.

gif of Jim Carey typing
Look online for deals SOURCE: REDDIT.COM

Deals on transit! Deals on accommodations! Deals on rentals! Deals on activities! Deals on food! DEALS ON DEALS!!!!

3. You start your search with that all-inclusive life, somewhere on a beach. 

Obviously, the beach is the only place for you. Tahiti sounds nice. Maybe Bali. So, a beach where the food and drinks have already been paid for… that’s kind of where the stars align. Also, you won’t have to bring as much luggage because you’ll be wearing less. There has to be some money saving in that, right? You begin happily clicking through various all-inclusive spots.

Search for flights to Bali

4. Switch mode.

Look at how happy those people seem on the slopes! That is such a cute chalet and that exposed brick fireplace is calling your name. Sure, you don’t own skies, but does everyone that goes on a ski trip ACTUALLY ski? By the look of that packed chalet, you’re thinking no. While the sun is nice, that bundled by the fire life does look welcoming.

5. Ok. You need to focus and get back on track.

You’re officially getting carried away. You have to trust your vacation gut and get back down to business. These vacation deals aren’t going to find themselves … right? That’s not a thing now is it? Is it an app? It should be an app….

6. Speaking of focus, deal hunting is such a rush! You’re even contemplating breaking up with coffee.

Seriously. The more you look, the more you find. It’s not enough to stop at the first deal that you come across. You are ready to put the man hours into cost effective vacationing. You honestly don’t even need sleep at this point.

7. Off-season is so much cheaper. What’s a little inclement weather?

Ollie from Family Guy gif

You heard that a friend of a friend’s twice removed second cousin took a trip during off-season and it was sunny the entire time. Is that the norm? It feels like that could be the norm. Is it worth the risk? It feels like it’s worth the risk.

8. A direct flight is cool and all, but will you really care if you have to deal with multiple planes and a layover? You’re on vacation after all.

gif of woman dancing in airport
Until security is called… SOURCE: CHEEZBURGER.COM

You are on vacation. Everything is right in the world, so how could this be wrong? Hakuna Matata forever.

9. Economy. Business class. Economy. Business class. *Grabs measuring tape. Measures leg length.*

gif from informercial of man failing at tape measure
There are better ways to measure airplane seats. SOURCE: BELLAMY-IN-THE-TARDIS.TUMBLR.COM

Leg room. Extra cash. Leg room. Extra cash. Leg room is so overrated.

10. A quick mental check on how you feel about hostels…

Lucille Bluth gif
You don’t want to share a room with Buster or Job. SOURCE: JKFORTHELOVEOFBROADWAY.TUMBLR.COM

You would save money, but you could also end up in a room with four college freshman who don’t understand personal space, inside voices or using Axe body spray in moderation. But *maybe* it’s worth the risk.

11. A quick mental check on how you feel when someone suggests using a travel agent…

You have this covered.

12. How can you be sure that you are getting THE BEST deal?

You better consult with your friends, family and that stranger on the street who you swear is giving off a strong “I know how to travel for cheap” vibe.

13. After an exhausting 72 hours, you’ve made peace with your searches. You truly believe you’ve booked the cheapest vacation.

Now you can relax. SOURCE: WWW.FOX.COM

That was intense, but you made it out the other side with a killer vacation in tow. *Pats self on back*

14. In fact, this may be the greatest deal search known to man. You deserve a reward.

Food, obviously.

15. Rejoice. Brag. Sleep. (That’s still a thing, right?)

Seinfeld dancing gif
Dance like no one’s watching. SOURCE: THEBABYBANGS.TUMBLR.COM

Now, if someone could just wake you up when your vacation begins, that would be great.

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