Travel gadgets for families on the move

When you’re about to embark on a trip with the kids in tow, it can be stressful to ensure everything’s organized and that there are plenty of entertainment options for the journey. We’ve found five products that will simplify the travel process and keep young ones content.


A nifty gadget that helps you keep track of valuable possessions or wandering toddlers, Hipkey virtually connects with your phone and beeps when it goes beyond a certain radius.

Nabi Tablet

Consider the Nabi a training iPad: the tablet hosts games and other activities aimed at kids four to nine years old, and it ensures parents’ beloved Apple products stay safe.

Kids Bugsox

These nifty socks come filled with insect repellent to help keep kids safe from swarms of hungry mosquitoes.

Crayola Flip Top Markers

Coloring is a great in-flight form of entertainment, and Crayola Flip Top Markers offer key improvements: The ink is washable, and attached caps mean no loose parts.

LittleLife Animal Wheelie Duffles

Few kids enjoy packing, but these colorful, animal-inspired backpacks might encourage them to warm to the activity. The pint-sized bags have telescopic handles and zip tops: the perfect size for young ones to cart around on the go.

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