The release of Apple’s new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 8 operating system and the long-awaited Apple Watch has the world buzzing with the new possibilities these devices will bring. And while there are many new features to be jazzed about, we’re particularly taken with a few that could bring more ease and excitement to travel. Take a look at some of the fresh features and products that are sure to delight the techie side of any traveler.

Better photographs on the iPhone

Traveling and taking pictures go hand in hand, and now Apple has made it even easier to produce high-quality images you can cherish forever. Apple has added features to the 8MP iSight camera that allow you to easily capture the world in front of you. With things like Focus Pixels (better focusing capabilities), improved face detection, exposure control and optical image stabilization, you’ll be debating about leaving your large, bulky digital SLR camera at home.

FaceTime HD on the iPhone

Ever wish you could share your experience with someone who wasn’t there? Well, FaceTime HD makes that possible. We know FaceTime isn’t something new, but Apple saw room for improvement when it comes to their video calling functionality. With FaceTime HD you can continue to stay in touch with friends and family — and they’ll feel even closer to you thanks to a larger aperture, new sensor technology that captures 81 percent more light and improved face detection.

Apple Pay

No more worrying about forgetting your wallet or stressing about your money getting stolen. Apple has completely rethought the way you pay to make shopping easier and more secure by supporting credit and debit cards from American Express, MasterCard and Visa. Scoop up as many souvenirs as you can — using only your phone. No need to worry about anyone else accessing your Apple Pay; your fingerprint is required to make a payment. And unlike your wallet, you can find a missing phone through the Find My Phone feature, which also allows you to wipe your phone of your credit card information.

Apple Watch

It’s here! Well, it will be in 2015, and then we can tell our future children and grandchildren about the days when a watch could only tell time. The Apple Watch is truly remarkable, and the list of its capabilities continues to grow. For travelers, the Apple Watch has some pretty handy features we think you’ll enjoy.

Apple has partnered with Starwood Hotels to allow guests to not only check in with their Apple Watch, but also to unlock their hotel room door with just a swipe of the wrist. The watch is also aiming to bring some added convenience to some flyers. With a few taps on your Apple Watch you can check into your flight, view your boarding pass and check to see if your flight is on time. As of right now American Airlines is the only airline offering this feature on Apple Watch, but more airlines are expected to create apps with similar features in the future.

Apple Watch also comes equipped with hands-free functions and Siri-assisted search and navigation that not only tells you where to go, but will tap you when you need to turn, making it even easier for travelers to get around unfamiliar areas. Apps like City Mappers also provide mass transit information right on your wrist and will tell you where and when your stop is.

And, if you have a travel-related board on Pinterest with all your favorite destinations pinned (like we do!) and you’re near a destination or attraction you’ve pinned, Apple Watch will let you know so you’ll never miss an opportunity to see all your favorite places in person. Essentially, you can create your own dream itinerary on Pinterest and Apple Watch will lead the way. And with Apple Pay available on Apple Watch, all those new payment features can be conveniently located right on your wrist.

We’re wondering if the Apple Watch will soon be able to teleport you to any destination in the world…

Bonus features for travelers

  • Disney is adding Apple Pay to Walt Disney World Resort and all Disney stores in time for the 2014 holiday season.
  • Bad reception at your hotel? No problem. You now have the ability to make phone calls over Wi-Fi without the use of an app.
  • The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have a longer battery life than previous iPhones.
  • Has this ever happened to you? You’re on vacation and you think, “Oh no! I think I forgot to turn off the lights,” or worse, “I think I forgot to close the garage door!” Well, thanks to iOS 8’s HomeKit you soon will be able to easily turn off the lights or shut the garage door (and more) with the tap of your finger.
  • Are you missing someone back home? Apple Watch allows you to send your own heart beat to your loved one, as long as they have an Apple Watch too. (Aww!)

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