Top places to see NYC’s fireworks

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No place does a 4th of July fireworks display quite like New York City.

No place does a 4th of July fireworks display quite like New York City. The dazzling array of firecrackers, added to the backdrop of the magnificent Manhattan skyline, makes the Macy’s display pretty unbeatable.

Not convinced? Check out the display from two years ago.

Some serious firepower will feature in this year’s 26-minute show. Over 40,000 shells will launch from six barges on the Hudson River (anchored between 18th and 43rd Streets).

Reaching heights of up to 1,000 feet, they’ll be set to a soundtrack to include Ray Charles’ “America the Beautiful,” Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.,” Madonna’s “Holiday” and Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time.”

You’ll want have an unobstructed view when the fireworks blast off at 9:20pm. So where should you go?

If you can afford to drop a few hundred dollars, you can buy your way onto a boat or rooftop bar (beware: many locations have sold out).

But for our money, nothing beats the view from a free public space. The only downside is that you’ll need to claim your spot long before sundown (we advise staking your vantage point by around 5pm – be prepared for a lot of standing around or sitting on the ground).

If you want that gorgeous Manhattan backdrop, you’ll need to find a spot along the waterfront in New Jersey.

Take the PATH to Hoboken and grab a few yards of grass right by the Hudson in Pier A Park. If you head out about noon, you’ll have time to check out the Independence Day festival on Sinatra Drive (between 1st and 7th Streets) before the fireworks start.

But if you’re one of those island-bound Manhattanites, then West Side Highway (12th Avenue) below 59th Street has a decent view, as well.

There are also a few places to avoid at all costs: the East River, Battery Park, Battery Park City, all of the Hudson River Piers, Hudson River Park Promenade between West Houston and 59th Street and the Hudson River Park Bike Path between West Houston and 59th Street are all out due to poor views or restricted access.

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