Top 11 camps for adults

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Who says just because you’re an adult means you can’t enjoy life as a kid again? It’s summer time and, although your break might not be as long as school vacation once was, you can still enjoy every second at these amazing camps designed for adults. And, since you are grown up, you can even go during the school year if you want!

Camp Grounded, Navarro, California, United States

Top 11 camps for adults
Camp Grounded pie eating (Image: Daniel N. Johnson /

Camp Grounded is where grown-ups go to become kids again. It is designed to be a digital detox that will help you disconnect in order to reconnect with yourself and others. Adults enjoy activities that range from archery to creative writing and origami to pickling to just about anything you can imagine! What you’ll take home is something you cannot pay for: brand new, long-lasting friendships. Meals and lodging included. ($570).

Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Top 10 camps for adults
Rock ‘n’ Roll (Image: Rodrigo Moraes)

Was your childhood dream to become a rock star? If so, then get ready for this once in a lifetime experience and spend four days perfecting your music skills. You will write and record songs and even perform an original hit! No instrument? No problem. The camp provides loaner instruments and lunches but be sure to book your own accommodations. ($3,000-$8,000).

Silver Island Yoga retreat, Silver Island, Greece

Top 10 camps for adults
Yoga (Image: Patrick Savalle)

Searching for a week of true relaxation? Look no further than Silver Island Yoga. Spend six nights practicing yoga, kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, drawing or just simply relaxing in the sun on a hammock. This retreat is all about you and finding peace within yourself and nature without any distractions. Meals and lodging included. ($2,000).

Zombie Survival Course, New Jersey, United States

Top 10 camps for adults
Zombie (Image: Daniel Hollister)

Are YOU ready for a zombie attack? Now you can be at this weekend-long training camp. You will be taught all you need to know from finding safe shelter to how to handle a crossbow to building the perfect Bug-Out-Bag. We would tell you where in New Jersey this camp is located, but the experts don’t want zombies finding you before your training is complete. Meals and lodging included. ($450).

Surf Camp Australia, multiple locations

Top 10 camps for adults
Surf boards (Image: John Morgan)

You’ll become a pro surfer in no time at Surf Camp Australia. Choose between two, three, five, seven or 10-day programs and be taught by the best. Each program includes everything you’ll need from accommodations to food to gear to an endless amount of fun. Spend your days surfing and your evenings enjoying all the local nightlife has to offer. (Rates vary).

Grape Camp, Sonoma, California, United States

Top 10 camps for adults
Grapes (Image: tribp)

Get behind the scenes at Grape Camp and spend three days picking grapes and blending your own wine with your very own hands. Learn about the art of working in a vineyard, wine’s DNA, food and wine pairings and insider secrets from master winemakers. Accommodations and meals included. ($2,000 pp or $3,700 per couple).

Crossword University Cruise

Top 10 camps for adults
Crossword on the beach (Image: Filipe Fortes used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license)

Holland America has teamed up with cross-word puzzle creator Stan Newman for 10 days of relaxing and puzzle solving. Sail out of Fort Lauderdale and visit Nassau, San Juan, St. Barts, Dominica, Antigua and St. Thomas. While the ship is at sea, you will spend time polishing up your puzzle-solving skills in classes like “puzzles 101” and “Tackling the Toughies”. You will also have the opportunity to create your own crossword puzzle that might be published in “Newsday”! (Prices vary).

Adult Space Academy, Huntsville, Alabama, United States

Top 10 camps for adults
Astronaut (Image: Paul Hudson)

Do you dream of walking on the moon? Well now you can get one step closer at this weekend-long Adult Space Academy at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. Spend three or four days learning what it would be like to train as an astronaut by constructing and launching rockets, training on simulators and hanging out in one of the world’s largest space aircraft collections. Meals and lodging included. ($549-$649).

The International Kitchen, multiple locations

Top 10 camps for adults
Bruschetta (Image: Erik forsberg)

Enjoy a two-to-seven-night cooking vacation in any of the 90 locations offered. The International Kitchen specializes exclusively in culinary travel, giving you a top quality, authentic, intimate cooking experience. Choose from experiences in multiple cities in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Mexico, Central & South America and the United Kingdom. Not only will you learn about the local flavors, but you will also spend time learning about the culture and history of your destination. Price includes accommodations, cooking lessons in English, excursions and food. (Rates vary).

Adult Hockey Camp, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Top 10 camps for adults
Ice skates (Image: bnilsen used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license)

Spend four days on ice developing your skills and learning about the art of hockey. Receive your own official hockey camp jersey and socks, stay at first-class hotel accommodations and receive instructions from the pros. Meals and accommodations included. ($800).

The Camp, multiple locations

Top 10 camps for adults
Weight (Image: tableatny)

There is no place better to jump start your workout regime than the original and longest established military weight loss and fitness boot camp designed for women. Everyone is assigned to a group based on age and experience and given all the tools needed for success. This seven-day boot camp includes accommodations, excursions, meals, equipment, facilities such as steam room and sauna, nutritional advice and transfers all for $1,600 CAD. And for the men out there looking to get fit, don’t worry. There are camps for you too. Check out Men’s Fitness Boot Camp Vacation for up to seven days of training in Florida or California from $2,500.

Featured image: Peter Blanchard used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license

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