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Student Airfare

Whether you’re looking to broaden your horizons by finding flights abroad, checking out flights for spring break, or just looking for deals to visit your friends during homecoming week, there are plenty of ways that you can save on student airfare. Fret not, penniless students, there are flights for you, too.

Low-cost carriers are your friends. Airlines like Southwest, JetBlue and AirTran frequently offer sales through their web sites and other travel agencies. Look to them first for the best student airfares that will suit your budget.

Check out student-related travel companies. Places like Student Universe and STA travel support discounts on things like student airfares, and encourage travel for youth in a budget-friendly way.

Try lesser-known locales. Hot spots like London, New York and Las Vegas are enticing, but they’re expensive once you get there. While you may not find exclusive student airfares to places like Southeast Asia or Central America, you may find that once you’re there, you’ll get a wider cultural experience for less money than you would if you’d visited a U.S. destination.

Save on baggage. Student airfares or not, baggage can still add up. Pack light and be sure to check what your chosen airline’s fees are before you decide whether to check or carry on.

Sign up for frequent flier programs and start gaining points now, so that while you boost up your student airfare status, you’ll be able to save more and acquire rewards later.

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