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Ski Resorts

Discover the most popular ski resorts in the United States

At some of the nation’s most popular ski locations, you can still manage to save money. Beat the rush in finding great ski resorts in the fall (late September or early October) and you’re likely to save on flights and accommodations. Most resort websites offer lift discounts that require simple promotion codes. Once you spot your perfect ski resorts, all you’ll need to do is nab a cheap flight, and you’re on your way to a wintry paradise.

Colorado Ski Resorts

No matter when you find a ski resort to Colorado, you can’t possibly escape the altitude. Mountains are everywhere, and your ski options are endless. If you’re set on Aspen, then a few hills work best for budgets. At Snowmass, 90 trails welcome any-level skiers, and on Aspen Mountain, advanced go-getters will be pleased with double-black steeps. Family ski resorts are abound with teen programs and kid camps, ensuring that the young ones are taken care of at a minimal cost.

Ski Breckenridge and learn why it is one of the top resort areas in Colorado.

Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts

Lake Tahoe is the perfect destination for finding ski resorts with character. The glamour of this beautiful lake doesn’t have to be enjoyed at premium prices, either. For instance, at Diamond Peak Resort, first timers can relish in gentle slopes and wide runs. The more people you travel with, the bigger the savings are here, (groups of 10 can ski for around $33 a day) so if you and your friends book a ski resorts together, the discounts will tower.

Ski Lake Tahoe and learn why it is one of the top resort areas in California.

Vermont Ski Resorts

In the winter, travelers flock to local ski resorts that are near popular ski areas – Killington, Mt. Snow and Stowe. But fear not – skiing in Vermont doesn’t have to be expensive – there are plenty of ways to ski Vermont’s tallest mountains without paying the steep prices.

Ski Vermont and learn why it is one of the top ski areas in the northeast.

Utah Ski Resorts

The crisp air of Utah’s Park City entices most winter athletes to hunt for ski resorts around here. Surrounded by gorgeous wilderness, amazing heights and group-friendly deals, this is a smart spot to save on while enjoying the outdoors. Get your money’s worth at the Park City Mountain Resort, where you can get affordable programs for first-timers ensure individual attention with specialist instructors that maximize your budget.

Idaho Ski Resorts

Everyone wants to get more for their money. Idaho offers an incredible variety of terrain, so while you’re paying a base price, you’re getting so much more. At Brundage, you can find ski resorts that allow you to ski or board as often as you want to with a pass, and never deal with a ticket line again. You can even pair up with a professional for free if you’re looking to hone your skill, perfect your technique, or simply learn how to stay upright. Special packages offers discounts for first-timers and children, and you can get free lift tickets or Nordic trail passes for each overnight guest you travel with. It’s “more the merrier” mentality out here, so book your ski resorts now to save.

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