San Diego’s best party beaches

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Every day can be a beach day in San Diego.

Some say San Diego lacks style. Others say it lacks weather. Ask any San Diegan hanging out on one of their beautiful beaches, and they’ll say things are just the way they like ‘em.

The So’ Cal city’s year-round mild climate (70s in the summer, mid-40s in the winter) means that almost every day can be a beach day. Well, if you’re a surfer at least.

A chilled and eclectic crowd can be found enjoying San Diego’s miles and miles of golden sand beaches. College guys are equally at home tossing the football around as families build towering sandcastles.

But if you’re the kind of person who likes to tan with a beer or two in hand, there are a number of beaches where you can join San Diego’s most vibrant and get your party on.

Pacific Beach

If you’re looking to party in San Diego, by the ocean or not, Pacific Beach is the place. A heavy flow of scantily clad, bronzed gym-bodies streams between beach kegs and the bars on nearby Garnet Avenue and Pacific Beach Drive.

Mission Beach

Mission typically draws a diverse crowd. Head to the south end where revelers congregate to chill, check each other out and play endless games of volleyball. The boardwalk backing it has a number of bars and places where you can rent bikes and kayaks.

Ocean Beach

If you’re the kind of person who prefers the sounds of reggae classics to boom box beats, then check out Ocean Beach. Home to San Diego’s hippie community, the altogether more chilled vibe here makes a welcome alternative to the rowdy scenes at Pacific and Mission.

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