If you’ve ever traveled in the fall, you know it’s the perfect time to get away. Comfortable weather in so many places and deals to be had. Unfortunately, 2016 has put American travelers in quite the pickle. With Nov. 8 looming, the U.S. election is on the forefront of everyone’s minds. You travel to escape, but turns out, everyone you meet this month is a political analyst in the making. Whatever happened to not asking people who they’re voting for? Regardless of your opinion on the candidates, travelers can all agree on one thing: More backpacking, less talk of political backpedaling. It’s a hostel not a hostile, amirite?

Whether you’re traveling this month or hibernating until election day, here are 16 realities of traveling during the 2016 election…

Non-stop election coverage on airport TVs…

I’ve seen this episode before.

…and foreign language news stations.

Netflix, I miss you.

Congratulations, you are now the new spokesperson for every American foreign policy that has ever been enacted.

Well, you were Vice President of your senior class in high school…

However, turns out everyone is an expert. 

Even people who have never been to the U.S. are now professional analysts of American politics.

You may not agree with the candidates, but you feel an extra sense of defensive patriotism when anyone criticizes your homeland.

You don’t even like Budweiser, but you feel the need to order one anyway. #kingofbeers

You try to diffuse all the political talk with a poorly timed joke.

What? I’m hilarious.

When abroad, it seems easier to just say you’re Canadian and avoid the whole conversation.

O’ Canada…

Actually, same for traveling domestically.

How about those Maple Leafs? What a season, huh? *nervous laughter*

Are passport slipcovers a thing? That big gold eagle is just inviting an election conversation.

Don’t mind the construction paper and scotch tape, nothing to see here…

Traveling during November, everyone you meet becomes an expert on absentee ballots.

Wait, what? Manatees, you say? I hear they’re in danger of extinction.

Whatever happened to not asking one’s age or who they’re voting for?

I’m actually 17, funny you should ask… *avoids eye contact and subtlety covers forehead wrinkles*

You miss normal small talk.

And you HATE small talk.

Seriously, ask me about the weather.

Cloudy with a chance of please stop talking.

Calls home to catch up with your family during your “relaxing” vacay devolve into more political debate.

New phone, who dis?

A deserted island is looking pretty good right now…

New coconut, who dis?

Guess you’ll just look forward to Nov. 8 like… 

*Googles new places to live*


Hey, if you’re searching anyway, may as well start here.

Search for a flight


What’s your least favorite part of traveling during election season? Let us know in the comments.


Feature image: istockphoto/Todor Tsvetkov

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