Put down the iPhone: Top 10 travel toys that don’t need a charger

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They do exist! Fantastic as those iDevices are with their swipe ‘n’ tap technology, and the way children are absorbed in playing their games that involve plants and zombies, they can sometimes leave kids looking and sounding like a plant or a zombie.

If you’re searching for ways to let your child unplug on a trip, here are 10 of the best travel toys on sale this summer – that don’t start with the letter “i”:

travel toys road roll sticker tape
It’s a runway…or a road, and when you’re finished you can roll it up and start again. Photo © inroadtoys.com

Best for automobile-crazy kids – PlayTape

This is the tape that turns every surface into a road, runway or flight deck of an aircraft carrier. Picture the scene: You’re in an airport with hours to kill, but your son or daughter can pull out their toy cars and turn a dull airport lounge into Le Mans or Indianapolis.

PlayTape sticks to every flat surface and is reposition-able, toxin-free, disposable and recyclable. There are no batteries involved and no screens, just dreams. It’s suitable for children 3 years old and up. (PlayTape sells for $7.99.)

travel toys Trunki luggage suitcase
This year’s model. Hello Kitty Trunki joins the Lotus Trunki, Gruffalo Trunki, Poppet Moshi Monster Trunki and Katsuma Moshi Monsters Trunki. Photo © trunki
travel toys Trunki luggage suitcase
Terrance. Trunki Terrance. Photo © trunki

Best for children old enough to pack their own bags – Trunki

It’s a milestone (an oh-so-welcome milestone) when children are big enough to take care of their own luggage. The ride-on Trunki is a great piece of a travel kit. It’s bash-able (by which we mean it’s durable) and there are lots of cute character suitcases to choose from – Moshi Monsters, Gruffalo, Hello Kitty – as well as cows, bumble bees, tigers, ladybirds alongside the original pink and blue (Trixie and Terrance).

It’s carry-on approved in the U.S. in most cases (check with your airline). Trunki is 18.2 inches long, 8.5 inches wide and 12.8 inches high, and holds up to 75 pounds.

Once packed, children can ride on it, using the “horns” to steer or be towed along by the strap. It’s not the most comfortable thing to sling over your shoulder, but parents can carry Trunki when little legs get tired. (Trunki sells for $40.)

sticker books Melissa and Doug travel toys top 10
Habitats Reusable Sticker Pad. Photo © melissaanddoug.com
Puffy stickers Melissa and Doug top 10 travel toys
“Puffy” stickers. Photo © melissaanddoug.com
stickers Melissa and Doug top 10 travel toys
Jewelery and nails stickers. Photo © melissaanddoug.com

Best for crafty kids – Melissa and Doug sticker books

Melissa and Doug create sturdy, beautiful, educational toys. Big, fun coloring books, sturdy crayons and some beautiful sticker pads for girls and boys of all ages. Options include fairy and princess books, animal habitat sticker books, create-a-meal sticker pads, make-a-face, dress-up, dinosaurs and beach scenes.

They’re suitable for kids 3 years old and up. The jewelery-and-nails sticker pad will engage pre-teens and, perhaps, when they think no one is looking, young teenagers too.

Melissa and Doug also have a range of “puffy” stickers and “velvet” stickers with velvet-flocked borders that are fun to touch, color and create artwork with. (Sticker books start at about $5.)

Travel toys Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
Kindle Paperwhite. Photo © www.amazon.co.uk
Travel toys Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
Essential kiddie kit, the pencil. The Kindle Paperwhite is just as slim. Photo © www.amazon.co.uk

Best for readers – Kindle Paperwhite

One of the most cumbersome aspects of traveling with children is accommodating all their chargers and accessories and then making sure they’re recharged at night. So an e-reader with a battery that lasts eight weeks, the Kindle Paperwhite, sounds like a genius thing.

There’s no screen glare in bright sunlight and, crucially for read-under-the-covers kids, there’s a built-in light. A single charge can last for up to eight weeks – almost an entire summer vacation! That measurement is based on reading for 30 minutes a day with wireless off and the light setting at 10.

If a family vacation has to include a little light studying, the dictionary, vocabulary builder and instant translator will come in handy. There’s a nifty little feature that’ll let you see how long it will take to finish a chapter or book.

And, to ensure that kids don’t fall behind during the long summer vacation, FreeTime allows parents to create personalized profiles and give kids access from your collection. There are achievement badges that keep track of accomplishments. It can all be monitored: Parents will be updated on the amount of time spent reading, the number of words looked up and the books read. ($119 in the U.S.)

Peppa Pig travel games top 10
Ludo and Snakes and Ladders. Photo © amazon.co.uk
Peppa Pig travel games top 10
Peppa Pig travel games. What’s included in the pack. Photo © amazon.co.uk

Best for kids who love magnets – travel games

Snakes and ladders, hangman, connect the dots – all long-time favorites. When they’re in magnetic, travel form, they’re not just time-killing games, but opportunities to learn. Is the plane seat magnetic? What about the windows? Shutters? Tray tables? Cutlery?

Peppa Pig is a near-global favorite and this two-in-one travel game features ludo and snakes and ladders. The double-sided boards fold into a compact, easy-to-carry travel game. Magnetic pieces and a tumbling dice in a plastic capsule should mean that none of the pieces gets lost. And there are slide-out drawers that can be a game, too. ($18 in the U.S.)

Travel toys Noise-cancelling headphones
Linx Fusion. Next-gen active noise-canceling headphones with InWire Multi-Function Control. Photo © ableplanet.com
Travel toys Noise-cancelling headphones
State-of-the-art active noise cancelation. Photo © ableplanet.com

Best for the one who has to tune out – Linx Fusion

This is the item you need in your travel toolkit. Noise-canceling headphones that your tween or teen can sling around his or her neck (and you can nab in-flight when you seriously need to tune out for a while).

Linx Fusion by Able Planet is the world’s first multi-sensory active noise-canceling headphones that simultaneously transmit sound through the skin, bone and ear for incredible sound quality, clarity and speech intelligibility.

At the heart of this Able Planet product is a fusion of LINX AUDIO with Bayer MaterialScience’s ViviTouch 4D Sound technology that creates a “live” experience. It’s like standing in the front row.  Able Planet’s patented technology has garnered plenty of awards. It has notched more than 34 of the most prestigious awards including Best of Innovations Software Embedded Technologies.

The headphones fuse sound quality, speech clarity and innovative design, filtering out undesirable sound and increasing perceived loudness without increasing the volume. Good for kids and good for moms who’ve spent years with children wailing in their ears. ($349 in U.S.)

Chalkboard and Travel Draw Mat Travel toys
With cars, the Roll-Up Chalk and Travel Draw Mat by Les & Lou. Photo © Les & Lou
Chalkboard and Travel Draw Mat Travel toys
With princess, the Roll-Up Chalk and Travel Draw Mat by Les & Lou. Photo © Les & Lou

Best for budding chalk artists – a Roll-Up Chalk and Travel Draw Mat

This incredibly simple little toy is a blackboard on one side and a placemat on the other (by Les & Lou). It works with both dry-erase crayons and chalk. A quick swipe with a damp cloth will wipe it clean.

It comes in pink and blue and when kiddies are finished creating their drawings, it rolls up, ready for its turn as a placemat. It is phthalate free and contains no harmful materials.

Included in the pack is a wipe-clean cloth, two dry-erase crayons and two pieces of chalk. The mat was shortlisted for Best Travel Product 2013 in the Junior Design Awards in the U.K. Les & Lou also ship to the U.S. and Canada. ($21 in the U.S., $23 in Canada.)

Disney Frozen Look and Find books travel toys
Look and find books. Spot the hidden characters from favorite movies. Photo © pilbookstore.com

Best for movie-fanatics – Look and Find books

Look and find books feature Disney and Pixar favorites from Anna, Elsa and the gang in “Frozen” to Buzz Lightyear and Woody in “Toy Story” via Mickey Mouse and all the princesses ever animated.

A little like the “Where’s Waldo” books, these look-and-find books feature busy scenes with hidden heroes and heroines of much-loved classics. These books are great for mind and eye coordination and children can work in pairs to spot the characters. ($7 in the U.S.)

Travel Toys Penguin pillow sleep
The Penguin pillow. Photo © kikkerland.com
Travel Toys Penguin pillow sleep
The Penguin pillow; how it works. Photo © kikkerland.com

Best for sleepy heads – Zip & Flip Penguin

There are tons of travel pillows on the market: stuffed toys that turn into pillows, neck pillows, even Trunki has introduced the Yondi Travel Pillow this year. This might be the cutest though.

Filled with microbeads, this cute and cuddly stuffed animal morphs into a travel pillow. The cover conceals the pillow and keeps it clean while traveling. Made by Kikkerland, it weighs just half a pound and snuggles easily into a child’s arm. ($30 in the U.S.)

LEGO travel suitcase
The LEGO Blue Suitcase. Photo © lego.com

Best for builders – LEGO suitcases

LEGO doesn’t spring to mind as an ideal travel toy. All those pieces! To spill and walk on! But this is travel LEGO in a suitcase that’s 9 inches high, 10 inches wide and 2 inches deep. There are two kits – one with a businessman who needs help from the mechanic to keep his sports car fueled up and on the road, and one with a mom waiting in her garden for her daughter to come home from school.

Each set includes two mini-figurines (the business guy and mechanic or the mom and daughter) and all of the items in their scenes – the house, fences, tree, kitten and bike, gas station, car, pump, sign, dog and assorted accessories.

The suitcase is portable and grown-ups or older kids can use the sections inside to sort the bricks when the building work is done. ($25 in the U.S.)

Story Cubes Travel Toys
Story Cubes. There’s an app too! Photo © storycubes.com

Best for storytellers – Rory’s Story Cubes

Once upon a time there were nine cubes in a box and you could make many, many stories from the symbols on each side of the cubes. Creating stories is fun for kids of all ages and, crucially on a long journey, is non-competitive.

Each story cube has six symbols. Roll them and create a tale based on what faces upward. You could, for example, have to create a story involving a sheep, fire, a padlock, a walking stick, a smiley face, a phone, a house, a fish and a pyramid.

There are several in the range. Rory’s Story Cubes Original, Rory’s Story Cubes Voyages, Rory’s Story Cubes Actions, Rory’s Story Cubes MAX and mix sets with Enchanted, Prehistoria and Clues symbols. And they all lived happily ever after… ($8 in the U.S.)

(Featured image: José Manuel Ríos Valiente)

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