How to make a travel survival kit for your kids

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A well-prepared kit can help you and your little ones survive the trip.

Traveling with children is no easy feat, but a well-prepared survival kit can help you and your little ones survive the trip. Check out this guide for making a travel survival kit for your kids.

Personalize the container for your tot

Tote bag (Image: mbaylor)
Tote bag (Image: mbaylor)

Your child’s survival kit should reflect their personality, whether they love cartoon characters, animals or a certain color. Choose a tote bag, backpack or other small container that will be their personal travel kit.

Coloring books and crayons

Coloring book (Image: shorts and longs)
Coloring book (Image: shorts and longs)

Coloring books are a great and travel-friendly way to keep the kids entertained during the trip. Pick out a special coloring book or two for the trip, and don’t forget a pack of crayons or colored pencils. As markers can wreak havoc on car upholstery or an airplane seat, skip the ink and opt for pencils or crayons instead.


Every kid has his or her favorite treat, and bringing some along can help make the trip a positive experience. Pack a few portions of your little one’s favorite snacks for when the travel munchies kick in.

Books and magazines

While DVD players and tablets are sure to keep your child’s attention, they’re also dependent on batteries or chargers to keep the entertainment going. A long car ride or flight can out last the battery life of these gadgets, leaving your kids bored halfway through the trip. Instead of going the electronic route, opt for entertainment that needs no batteries, like books and magazines. Pack a few age-appropriate books and some of your child’s favorite magazines to keep him or her entertained.

Toys, games and stickers

Toys (Image: Horia Varlan)
Toys (Image: Horia Varlan)

When it comes time to play, you’ll be glad you packed a few toys and games in your child’s travel survival kit. Quiet, portable games and toys are the best bet for traveling families, and don’t forget a few sheets of stickers as an extra treat.

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