Onur Air

Onur Air

Contact details


To reach Onur Air by telephone, passengers can call 0850-210-6687.



Email:The company’s information email address is info@onurair.com.tr. Onur Air’s communications email address is yzengin@onuriletisim.com.tr.

Mailing Address: 

Customers can send written correspondence to the company’s head office address, which is:

Atatürk Havalimanı B Kapısı
Teknik Hangar Yanı 34149

Social Media:

Passengers can connect with Onur Air on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The company has a G+ Profile, and the airline is featured on Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

Mobile Airline Apps: 

Customers who have Android, Apple, Blackberry or HTC mobile devices can download the company’s app to obtain flight information. Future passengers can also purchase tickets from the app.

Onur Air Check-in

Passengers must check-in for domestic flights at least 30 minutes before departure time. The company’s check-in policy for international flights is 45 minutes prior to the time that a passenger’s flight is scheduled to leave. Online check-in is also available. When passengers choose to check-in online, they can complete the process 24 hours to two hours before their flight’s departure time.

Flight Status Information:

When a passenger needs to track arrival and departure information for Onur Air flights, he or she can download the company’s app to his or her mobile device.

Onur Air’s on time frequency is around 33 percent for departures and arrivals.

Onur Air baggage allowance

Carry-On Bags: 

Onur Air permits its guests to bring one carry-on bag onboard the airplane, but the luggage item cannot weigh more than 17 pounds. In addition, a passenger’s carry-on bag cannot measure larger than 9 inches x 45 inches x 22 inches.

Checked Baggage: 

The airline company allows its customers to check one bag onto domestic flights without an additional charge as long as the luggage piece does not weigh more than 33 pounds. When a passenger’s destination is to Cyprus, Odessa and Ganja, the company allows bags that weigh up to 44 pounds.

Fragile Luggage: 

Onur Air does not permit passengers to transport items that are fluid-based or flammable. Fluid-based items include bottled fruits or vegetables. The company also prohibits passengers from bringing fragile items onboard the airplane.

Sports Equipment and Oversized Items: 

The airline company allows its guests to check sporting equipment and oversized items onto its aircraft. However, for domestic flights, there is an extra charge of $9.58 for unusually sized equipment like skis, golf bags, surf gear and bikes. When passengers check this type of equipment onto international flights, the charge is $27.18.

Pre-arranged seating

When passengers check-in for their flight through one of the company’s apps, they can choose their seat location.

Onur Air operates three Airbus model airplanes, which are the A330, A321 and A320. Business class passengers who are flying on an A330 will be riding in seats that are 21 inches wide. The airplane model’s business class seats also feature a 159 degree recline. In the economy section, the seats are 17 to 18 inches wide, and they offer passengers a 6.5-inch recline. The A321 jet is smaller. Therefore, the seats in the business section are 20 inches wide while the economy section seats measure from 17.2 to 17.8 inches wide. On the Airbus A320, the airplane’s business class seats are 17 to 21 inches wide, and the economy class seats are 17 to 17.8 inches wide.

Passenger change details

If a passenger needs to change an economy class ticket on a flight to a domestic destination, then Onur Air will complete the transaction without an additional charge as long as the cancellation is requested 24 hours prior to the departure time. When a passenger cancels or requests changes to a ticket 24 hours to 12 hours before the flight is scheduled to leave, the airline company will charge him or her a fee. The fee is 10 percent of the original fare. The company charges passengers 30 percent of the original fare for cancellations and modifications that are requested 12 hours to 30 minutes before the flight time. For change or cancellation requests on international flights, passengers should expect to pay 30 percent of the fare. Passengers can ask for changes up to two hours before an international flight is scheduled to depart.

Child fares

To travel on an Onur Air flight, infants must be at least 8 days old. In addition, children who are 3 years old or younger are only allowed to fly with a parent. Children who are 3 to 7 years old can travel with an accompanying adult on an Onur flight. The airline permits children who are 7 to 13 years old to travel alone, but a staff member will walk an unaccompanied child to his or her airplane.

Senior fares

Onur Air does not provide discounted airfare for senior travelers


The airline does not currently transport pets.

In-flight service

Onur Air’s in-flight service offerings include an in-flight magazine along with beverages and food.

Air miles

The company’s Privileged Ticket Program is an insurance policy for passengers. For just $1.68, Onur Air passengers can obtain reimbursement for their ticket when unforeseen incidents cause them to miss a flight. Specifically, the program will reimburse passengers when they miss their flight due to illness, accidents or even just a personal scheduling error. The program will also give passengers compensation for delayed or cancelled flights.

Airline food link

While flying on an Onur Air flight, passengers can buy hot and cold drinks along with alcoholic beverages. Sandwiches, goodies and snacks are also available for purchase.

In-flight magazine

In-Flight Magazine

On Air is the name of the airline company’s in-flight magazine. The publication features articles in Turkish and English. The company distributes the magazine on all of its flights. In addition, customers can download On Air from the company’s website.

Airline overview

Onur Air was founded on April 14, 1992. The airline company began operations with just one airplane. Onur Air’s first official flight was on May 14, 1992. It flew to the Ercan Airport, which is in the Northern Republic of Cyprus. A few months later, the airline expanded its fleet by adding a second airplane, and in December of 1992, the company purchased another airplane. Onur Air bought its fourth plane the following April. Ten Tour procured Onur Air during 1996, and the company continued expanding the airline by increasing its fleet. In 2013, Kedret Tuncel and Mehdi Shams purchased an estimated 70 percent of the company’s stock. Today, Onur Air is Turkey’s largest privately owned airline. The company has a fleet of 23 airplanes, and it flies passengers to 80 locations in 20 countries. Onur Air also flies to 16 domestic destinations.

Istanbul Atatürk Airport is the main base for Onur Air. Customers can identify the airline’s brand by the red airplane tail fin on a blue backdrop. For detailed information about the airline, passengers can visit the company’s website, which is https://onurair.com.tr/.

Onur Air Q&A:

•What is the check-in policy for Onur Air?
Passengers can check-in for a flight online, through the company’s app or at the airport.

•How can passengers track their flight?
To track an Onur Air flight, customers will need to download the company’s app to their mobile device.

•What are the company’s baggage fees?
The company does not charge a baggage fee for a checked bag that weighs 33 pounds or less on domestic flights. In addition, a bag that weighs 44 pounds or less on an international flight can be checked without an extra charge. The company’s excess baggage fee for domestic flights is $1.44 for every 2.22 pounds above the weight restrictions. For international flights, the excess baggage fee is $5.44 for every 2.22 pounds that a bag weighs over the airline’s weight limitations.

•What is the route map for Onur Air?
Passengers can view the airline’s route map at https://www.onurair.com.tr/images/maps-Big.jpg.

•What is Onur Air’s phone number?
Passengers can call 0850-210-6687 to reach the Onur Air Company.

Onur Air Destinations: 

Onur Air flies people to a number of domestic locales including Adana, Antalya, Bodrum and Istanbul along with Izmir, Samsun and Sivas. The company also transports passengers to international destinations like Madrid, Frankfurt and Paris as well as to Rome, London and Dubai.

This information is subject to change. Please confirm all fees and details with your airline before booking.

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