Airport Guide to Marignane-Provence (MRS)

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Airport Name
Marseille Provence Airport

Airport Location
The airport is located 16 miles from Marseille



+33 (0)4 4214 1414

Airport Overview

Marseille Provence Airport (MRS) is the primary airport for the Provence region. Situated 16 miles (27km) northwest of Marseille, the airport is the primary hub for resorts such as Aix-en-Provence, Avignon, and Miramas.

Flights to Marseille Provence Airport come from all over Europe, including London, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Casablanca, Barcelona, Lisbon, Geneva, Milan, Brussels, Amsterdam, Rome, Helsinki, Ajaccio, Venice and Athens. There are few intercontinental routes, including flights from Montreal, Ouagadougou and Mauritius.

Processing more than 7 million passengers per year, the airport built a new terminal specifically for budget airlines; however the terminal is generally regarded to have a “budget” feel to it, and can have uncomfortable waiting periods and a lack of seating in busy periods.

Terminal Transfer

The terminals are close enough that you can walk between them.

Getting into Town

Train: The Vitrolles Marseille Provence Airport Train Station is a five-minute drive from the airport, and there are shuttle buses available from quay 2. There are 41 direct trains per day to locations around Provence, including Marseille (€4.70), Avignon (€15.10), Montpelier (€22.20) and Miramas (€6.20). The train to Marseille runs one to three times per hour.

Bus: There are shuttle buses to many destinations from the airport, including Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, Vitrolles, le Luc, and Salon de Provence. The bus into Marseille departs every 20 minutes from 5:10am to 12:10am and costs €8.50. The trip takes about 25 minutes.

Taxi: There are taxis available from the airport into downtown Marseille for around €46 (€57 at night). You can book ahead for special services such as organized tours, luggage delivery, and personalized welcomes.

Car Parking

There is long- and short-term parking available at the airport in eight car parks. P1 and P6 charge €6 for the first four hours, €11 up to eight hours, €14 up to 16 hours and €15 for per day. P3 and P7 charge €2.50 for the first hour, €3.50 up to two hours, €4 up to four hours, €5 up to eight hours, and €8 per day, but are located further from the terminal. Lot P2 allows 40 minutes’ free parking, then €2.50 for the first hour, €4 for up to two hours, €6 for up to four hours, €8 for up to eight hours, €11.50 for 16 hours, and €12 per day; P5 and P10 have the same rates, but don’t offer any grace period. P8 also has similar charges, but has a flat rate of €25 after eight hours.

Information Desks

There is an information desk in both the domestic and international arrivals areas, open seven days a week.

Airport Facilities

Money and communications: There are banks, ATMs and currency exchange offices in the airport.

Luggage: There is a luggage-wrapping facility available at a rate of €9 per bag. Left-luggage facilities are on the ground floor of hall 1, and cost €15 per bag for the first day and €10 per day after that. There are also luggage trolleys and porter services.

Conference and business: The business center in hall 4 offers services such as workstations, meeting and conference rooms, and catering services. Fees start at €16.73 per hour for a workstation. There is also an Internet cafe in each departure lounge charging €2 for 15 minutes, €3 for 30 minutes, or €5 per hour. In addition, there are photocopiers on the ground floor of halls 1, 3 and 4.

Other facilities: Vending machines, first-aid services, gaming facilities, showers, a lost-and-found service, welcome services and VIP lounges.

Wi-Fi: There is Wi-Fi internet available in halls 1, 3 and 4 and in the business center.

Shopping: Marseille Provence doesn’t offer much in the way of shopping; there are a couple of souvenir shops, a newsagent, and several duty-free stores. Other than that you can only buy jewelry and beauty products.

Food and drink: There are 10 restaurants and cafes in Marseille Provence Airport, including several that serve lovely regional cuisine, a fast-food restaurant, and an American-style sports bar. There is also a Haagen-Dazs ice cream shop if you’re in the mood for a quick treat.

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