Man cannot live by beer, cheese and wine alone? Oh really?

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Beer at Madison Craft Beer Week, Oregon Cheese Fest and Georgia’s Tybee Wine Festival.

Cheapflights is in a myth-busting mood today – ready to rid you of the silly notion that you can’t live solely on good beer, fine wine and great cheese. Think again. These three food festivals offer up evidence:

– First, the beer. Where better to quaff a couple of pints than the Midwest, specifically Wisconsin. May 4 through May 13 is Madison Craft Beer Week. If you’re serious about craft brews, this is the place to be. The week is replete with beer dinners, beer walks, beer drinking, and foodpairing. Learn and live. Drink in the ambience of MadBeerWeek.

– Cheese anyone? The Oregon Cheese Fest is close and creamy. Pair cheese with wine. Mate cheese with bread. Spread cheese on crackers – and savor cheese, plain and simple. This is artisan cheese, lovingly crafted by people who know the trade. If you’re in search of Velveeta on Wonder Bread go elsewhere. Quietly.

– Now, the wine. Don’t think California, think Georgia. The 2012 Gruns April 12 through April 15. The end date, of course, is traditionally tax day. A glass or two of wine wouldn’t hurt just before you file. Cool island breezes (Tybee is near Savannah), and extraordinary food suffuse this spring weekend. The festival is filled with wine tastings, seafood sampling, and lots of foodies. The festival wraps up with the Grand Wine Tasting on the grounds of the iconic Tybee Island Lighthouse.

Story by Jerry Chandler


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