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Mailing Address:

The company’s physical mailing address is Jet Airways (India) Ltd. 4th Floor, Kaledonia (HDIL), Andheri-Sahar Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 069, India.

Social Media:

Jet Airways connects with its customers through various social media sites including Facebook, Orkut and Twitter. Passengers will also find information about the airline from Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare and Flickr.

Mobile Airline Apps:

Smartphone or tablet users can download the airline’s app if they own an Apple, Blackberry or Windows device.

Jet Airways Check-in

International first class and Première passengers can check-in online from 48 hours to two hours before their departure time while international economy passengers can check-in 24 hours to one hour before the airplane is scheduled to leave. For flights within India, passengers can delay check-in at the airport until 45 minutes before departure. International passengers must check-in at least one hour prior to departure when they confirm their flight at the airport. If passengers decide to check-in by telephone, then they can contact the airline 48 hours to one hour before the time of the flight as long as they are Première, Konnect, JetPrivilege Platinum or Gold members. Silver members are permitted to call 24 hours to one hour before departure time to check-in for international flights.

Flight Status Information: 

Departure Flight Information 

Passengers can obtain their flight information online, by telephone or on the company’s mobile app. Flight information includes arrivals, delays and cancelations.

Delay Frequency

According to reports, the company’s on time departure percentage is at 76 percent. Jet Airways currently has the same on time percentage for arrivals.

Jet Airways baggage allowance

Carry-On Bags: 

Passengers who are traveling to international locales and within India can bring one carry-on bag onboard the aircraft. It must measure 21 inches x 13 inches x 9 inches or less. In addition, carry-on bags cannot weigh more than 15 pounds. JetPrivilege Platinum, Gold and Première guests can bring bags that weigh 22 pounds or less onboard the airplane. Passengers who are flying on short haul planes are limited to carry-on bags that measure 19 inches x 17 inches x 7 inches or less. JetPrivilege Platinum, Gold and Première members can also bring one laptop size bag onboard the plane.

Checked Baggage:

Jet Airways permits passengers to check two bags at no extra charge as long as the bags weigh 50 pounds or less. Passengers who check bags that weigh more than the company’s weight limit will be charged an excess baggage fee.

Fragile Luggage: 

An airline guest may bring fragile or delicate items onboard when he or she blocks the seat next to him or her. However, the item cannot weigh more than 165 pounds, and it must be small enough to be secured in the spare seat with the safety restraints.

Sporting Equipment and Oversized Items:

Jet Airways permits travelers to transport sporting equipment onboard its flights. If a passenger’s sporting equipment measures longer than 62 inches, then the airline will charge him or her an excess baggage fee of $150 USD.

Pre-arranged seating

When passengers check-in online, they can select their seat location. Also, Jet Airways offers comfort and standard seating options. There is an extra fee for comfort seats.

The airline’s economy class on its domestic flights features three abreast seats that pitch back 30 inches for extra comfort. In addition, the company provides more legroom than its domestic competitors. When passengers upgrade to Première seating, they’ll have access to luxurious, extra-wide seats that recline back to an angle that allows them to relax. The company provides beds for its first class passengers on international flights while airline guests who are flying Première have access to more spacious seating than economy passengers. However, the airline’s economy seats offer ergonomically correct positioning to improve the flying experience for these guests.

Passenger change details

If a passenger purchases a ticket and is unable to travel, then he or she cannot transfer the ticket to another traveler. Instead, the ticket would have to be canceled, and the passenger would need to book a new flight. Cancellation or modification charges may apply.

Child fares

Children who are traveling onboard a Jet Airways flight are eligible for a special child meal. However, an adult must order the meal at least 24 hours before the flight’s departure time. Each airplane features diaper changing facilities and bassinet seats for infants that weigh 24 pounds or less. Children who are 2 years old or younger can fly on an adult’s lap with an infant seatbelt.

Senior fares

Passengers who are JetPrivilege members may receive special offers and promotions, but the airline company does not currently offer a special rate for senior fliers.


Pet owners may transport their four-legged friends on the company’s aircraft. A pet will travel in the cargo area unless he or she is a service animal. To convey a pet on an airplane, owners must bring the animal in an approved carrier. Passengers can transport domesticated dogs, cats, rabbits and birds on flights within India. However, pet owners can only ship domesticated dogs and cats on international flights. Animal bookings must be made at least 72 hours before the flight departure time.

In-flight service

The airline’s in-flight service options include video on-demand, which features more than 100 movies and 80 television programs. It also has a CD library and 11 audio stations. On the company’s airbus jets, there are touchscreen monitors at every seat. Jet Airways also offers passengers access to a power system that lets them plug in their Apple mobile devices.

Air miles

Jet Airways offers its customers a rewards program called JetPrivilege. When passengers sign up for the program, they can earn miles based upon their traveling activities with Jet Airways and JetKonnect. The miles can be redeemed for discount airfare and free tickets.

Airline food link

The airline company provides diverse dining options onboard its flights. For instance, passengers can choose meals that have diabetic, gluten free or vegetarian foods. Religious, low calorie and reduced salt meals are also available.

In-flight magazine

Jet Airways stocks its aircraft with two different magazines, which are JetWings and JetBoutique. JetWings provides reading entertainment while JetBoutique is a shopping catalogue that sells unique merchandise.

Airline alliances

Jet Airways has alliances with Korean Air, Qantas and Brussels Airlines as well as with KLM and Alitalia. The airline also has a subsidiary called JetKonnect.

Airline overview

Naresh Goyal established Jet Airways on April 1, 1992. The company began its commercial flight service almost a year later on May 5, 1993. Jet Airways started with a small fleet of four Boeing 737-300 airplanes that it leased from Malaysia Airlines, and in January of 1995, the company obtained full service status when it transitioned into scheduled flights.

The main hub for Jet Airways is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, which is located in Mumbai. The company’s secondary hubs are Brussels Airport, Chennai International Airport, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kempegowda International Airport and Indira Gandhi International Airport. The Indira Gandhi International Airport is in Delhi. The company’s main website is In addition, the airline’s image is easy to recognize as it is a flying sun painted on a dark blue backdrop. Passengers can also identify the fleet by its navy blue and gold accent colors along with each airplane’s yellow and gold ribbon enhancements.

Jet Airways Q&A:

•What is the Airline’s Policy for Carry-On Baggage?
International passengers may bring one carry-on bag and one small luggage item, such as a laptop case, onboard the company’s airplanes. JetPrivilege Platinum, Gold and Première guests are permitted to bring a carry-on bag and a laptop bag onboard flights that are within India. Other domestic flight passengers are allowed to bring one carry-on bag with them.

•What is the Check-In Policy for Jet Airways?
Jet Airways lets its passengers check-in online, by telephone, at the service counter or through an airport kiosk. At the counter, passengers must check-in at least an hour before departure. For the other check-in methods, passengers are required to confirm that they’ll be flying with the airline from 48 hours to two hours before departure time depending on their seating class and rewards membership status.

•How Can I Track My Flight?
The company has a mobile app that passengers can download. The app displays flight status details, and it sends notifications regarding the status of a passenger’s flight.

•What Other Airlines are Partners with Jet Airways?
Jet Airways has partnerships with Air Canada, Korean Air and American Airlines along with United Airlines and Air France.

•What is the Phone Number for Jet Airways?
To reach Jet Airways by telephone, customers can call 1-877-835-9538.

This information is subject to change. Please confirm all fees and details with your airline before booking.

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