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flybe Check-in

For domestic flights, the check-in desk closes 30 minutes before scheduled departure time for passengers traveling with baggage, and 20 minutes before scheduled departure for passengers with a carry-on only. For international flights, check-in closes 45 minutes before departure time with only a carry-on and an hour before for those checking bags. Online check-in, available 36 hours before departure, closes one hour before.

flybe baggage allowance

Carry-on: 22lbs maximum for one carry-on item, not exceeding 20in x 14in x 9in.

Checked: Essentials passengers can pay for their bags at a discounted price, depending on the option they choose. A small bag constitutes 33lbs. A medium bag constitutes 44lbs. By “going large,” you can check two bags weighing up to 88lbs total.

Excess: Excess bags are carried on a standby basis only. Additional bags are £12 for the first 3kg, then £15 for 4kg-6kg and £20 per kg for anything larger than that.

flybe legroom

Seat pitch: 31 inches.

Pre-arranged seating

You can select your seat at check-in for no extra cost, though there is a small fee if you wish to select your seat ahead of time.

Passenger change details

Changes are permitted up to two hours before departure for £27.50 online, £32.50 at the call center or airport, per person, per flight, plus the difference in fare paid and the lowest available call center fare. Changes can be made online or at the call center, with the exception of name changes, which can only be made by telephone for a £40 charge.

Child fares

No child fares, but infants under two years and on a parent’s lap can fly for 12 percent of the adult fare on domestic routes.

Senior fares

No senior fares offered.


Service dogs can be carried onboard. Pets may only be carried in the luggage hold. Contact the airline for more information.

Carrying musical instruments

Musical instruments can be carried on the aircraft in accordance with the standard carry-on baggage allowances. Instruments which exceed carry-on allowances may be subject to flybe’s “exceptional item” policy, including an additional transport charge of £30. Cellos can be carried in the cabin as long as a seat has been purchased for the instrument and it is safely secured.

Air miles

Rewards4all is flybe’s frequent flyer program.

In-flight magazine

Flybe’s in-flight magazine, Uncovered, is available on all flights. Published bi-monthly, the magazine features celebrity interviews alongside destination features and   games for children.

Airline alliances


Airline overview

Flybe is a regional UK airline headquartered in Devon, England. It is the Europe’s largest regional airline, flying more than 180 routes to 65 European airports.

This information is subject to change. Please confirm all fees and details with your airline before booking.

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