Farm escapes in Vermont

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Start packing your bags for an overnight stay at one of Vermont’s historic farms.

Are you growing bored of standard hotel rooms? Are you looking to add something out of the ordinary to your next getaway? Then start packing your bags for an overnight stay at one of Vermont’s historic farms.

Many take the road trip through Vermont’s countryside to enjoy the state’s barn-dotted landscape, but you can take it a step further and venture into Vermont’s heritage with a stay at one of the local farms. And no – you won’t have to sleep with the chickens in the coop.

Many of Vermont’s farms double as bed and breakfasts, but the experience goes beyond the typical B&B fare. You’ll make your temporary home in a historic farmhouse, and from the moment the farmers welcome you into their home, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back in time. Here, modern stresses seem to melt as you slip away to a simpler time, filled with hospitable hosts, beautiful scenery and a commitment to sustainability.

Forget the typical continental breakfast; staying at a farm in Vermont means you’ll actually feast on farm-fresh fare. Freshly collected eggs and farm-grown potatoes are the staples of hearty breakfasts at Vermont’s farms, where “home-cooked” and “farm-to-table” aren’t trendy terms for foodies – they’re a way of life.

After breakfast, your hosts might set up a farm tour for you to learn more about how food gets to your plate. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even get hands-on at some farms. Whether you’re collecting eggs from the hen house, feeding the sheep or milking your first goat, you’ll leave with a greater understanding of Vermont’s rural roots and a deeper appreciation for our nation’s farming community.

Farms throughout Vermont offer overnight stays, tours and hands-on activities. For a list of local farms, check out the Vermont Farms! Association website.

Have you ever stayed at a farm? Share your story below!

(All images courtesy of Vermont Tourism)

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