Earth Day options: Get out, get engaged

Mother Earth is the mentor this weekend. Listen to what she has to say. Alternately, she shouts and whispers her message of conservation, of common concerns that transcend the borders of our minds.

Here are a few places to listen to the message:

San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza sizzles all day Sunday April 22 for Earth Day San Francisco. Some of the sounds will surprise, reprising sentiment of the 60s. Among the acts: Big Brother and the Holding Company. Yup. That Big Brother. Something old, something new. Haunted by Heroes, dubbed the World’s Youngest Rock Band, blasts out its message from SF’s Earth Mother Stage.

San Francisco’s Earth Day focus isn’t merely musical. That’s just to get you in the mood. Make something happen in your own community, maybe start a bee hive. If you haven’t noticed, the planet’s pollinators are in serious trouble these days. No pollination, less food. That’s the elemental equation. Bill Tomaszewski of the Marin Bee Company will help you change the world, one bee at a time – starting in your own backyard.

Down the coast in Los Angeles Linda Escalante of the National Resources Defense Council says Earth Day Latino will be celebrating LA’s history, culture, and ecosystem. Show up at the Los Angeles Historic State Park just before 10 a.m. on Saturday. See the Tongva Indian tribe bless the ground. Then, grab a shovel and help plant some trees. Just before lunch, see a model of the original Zanja Madre water wheel unveiled. The device drew water from the LA River, helping render this slice of southern California one of the most fertile places on earth.

Over on the East Coast the nation gathers at the National Mall just before noon Sunday. There’s an Earth Day Youth March, and a final countdown to A Billion Acts of Green® – the effort that calls for coordinated action to deal with climate change. There should be a sea of people out on the Mall. Get caught up in the wave. Join them.

Story by Jerry Chandler

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