Costa Rica’s closely watched whales

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One of the planet’s prime whale-watching locales is off the coast of Costa Rica.

Close observation of the migrations of humpback whales is nothing short of mystical.

One of the planet’s prime whale-watching locales is off the coast of Costa Rica.

Here’s the humpback’s pattern: from July through November the creatures swim from the Antarctic. December through March they trace a track south, from California and the waters of the northern Pacific. Then, they gather just off the coast of the Costa Rican province of Puntarenas, on the Pacific side of Central America. That’s where they give birth to their calves before heading back to polar waters.

Nature Air is partnering with some local lodges to offer a series of whale-watching packages. “Pilots and guests…have been known to spot humpback whales from our planes,” says Nature’s Air’s commercial director, Orvieto Morales. “But a bird’s-eye view doesn’t do these majestic creatures justice.”

To get that more personal perspective, book an eco-extension package and head to Marino Ballena National Park. The place is famous for its Whale’s Tail Sandbar formation, and can be spied from on high on Nature Air flights to Drake Bay and Puerto Jimenez. The whole reason for being behind Marino Ballena National Park is to act as a haven for nesting humpbacks, as well as common and bottlenose dolphins.

A number of nature tours are available. One’s in conjunction with Cristal Ballena. It’s located within walking distance of the park and is bookable through Dec. 14, 2012. This $545 per person sojourn is a three-night, four-day deal that encompasses accommodations an, daily breakfast and taxes.

Other packages to other parks are available too. All of them include round-trip airfare on Nature Air from San José.

(Image: Susan E Adams)

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