Bon appétit! Top five macarons around the world

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In honor of Macaron Day, we pay tribute to the French treat with our top five macarons around the world. Bon appétit!

It’s finally spring! And making for a doubly sweet celebration, it’s also Macaron Day.

The delicious meringue-based treat has questionable origins — some claim Catherine de’ Medici’s Italian pastry chefs brought them along when she married Henry II of France, though most give full credit to the French, who certainly made them famous.

And with good reason: From the light, melt-in-your-mouth outer shell to the delicious array of creamy fillings, these sweets are a sophisticated alternative to a box of cookies. So, in honor of our newest favorite holiday, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite purveyors:

Behold the beautiful La Dureé packaging. (Image: Louise Beche)
Behold the beautiful La Dureé packaging. (Image: Louise Beche)

La Dureé

Paris, France

Perhaps the most revered macaron of them all hails from Paris institution, La Dureé. Though it started as a small bakery in 1862 on 16 rue Royale, the high-end confectionary is now a chain with shops from New York City to Japan. And while each of the outposts is lovely, a visit to the Victorian-era inspired Champs-Elysées Paris location tops many a foodie list. The brand attributes its culinary success to a secret ingredient, though their incredible attention to detail doesn’t hurt. You’ll leave all of the locations with your purchases packed in a mix of gorgeous boxes and bags.

Chantal Guillon 

San Francisco, Calif., United States

San Francisco-based Chantal Guillon is a favorite on the West Coast. One of their specialties? The macarons glacés, which are filled with ice cream instead of the usual ganache or buttercream. Perfect for warm weather! And if you’re unprepared to deviate from the original formula, there’s plenty of those to go around too: the Tahitian Vanilla, Italian Pistachio and Espresso Coffee are to-die-for. Shipping is available only for a 24-piece box of 12 seasonal flavors.

Variations from Dana's Bakery include Easter specials! (Image: Dana's Bakery)
Variations from Dana’s Bakery include Easter specials! (Image: Dana’s Bakery)

Dana’s Bakery

A relative newcomer to the macaron scene, Dana’s Bakery puts a twist on the traditional. With fun American flavors like Orange Creamsicle and Birthday Cake, you can’t go wrong. Holiday offerings are especially popular: The new Easter box is filled with Creme Egg (think: Cadbury), Marshmallow Peep and Peanut Butter Egg variations. The best part? The online-based shop ships nationwide. Oh, and they’re gluten-free.

Creamy, indulgent centers are a Pierre Hermé staple (Image: Canon S3 Is)
Creamy, indulgent centers are a Pierre Hermé staple (Image: Canon S3 Is)

Pierre Hermé

Paris, France

Also offering nationwide shipping (thankfully!) is Pierre Hermé, without which no macaron list would be complete. The solely Parisian-based shop offers incredibly charming packaging and flavors for a sophisticated palette, like caramel with fleur de sel, lemon and caramelized fennel, and hazelnut praline. Yum!

Bisous Ciao

New York, NY, United States

Don’t let the size of these tiny downtown New York City shops fool you. The macarons at Bisous Ciao pack major flavor. In addition to exceptional standbys like chocolate and vanilla, seasonal collections are also popular. Available now are Blood Orange, Blackberry and Thai Tea. In addition to an assortment of tastes, there’s a myriad of box sizes and shipping options to choose from.

(Main image: Dana’s Bakery)

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