Airlines that fly to Atlantic City

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If you were need to know what airlines that fly to Atlantic City, and consequently the airlines that fly out of Atlantic City, our airlines that fly to Atlantic City guide has the information to help make your trip planning better.

Select from the following airlines that fly domestically to Atlantic City from the United States

United States-based airlines for flights to Atlantic City:

Spirit Airlines

AirTran Airways

Other useful resources for travelers flying to Atlantic City

Popular routes to Atlantic City

Orlando to Atlantic City

Chicago to Atlantic City

Buffalo to Atlantic City

New York to Atlantic City

New York to Atlantic City

Detroit to Atlantic City

Atlanta to Atlantic City

Tampa to Atlantic City

Cleveland to Atlantic City

Airports in Atlantic City

Atlantic City International (ACY)

Flights to Atlantic City International (ACY)

Philadelphia International (PHI)

Flights to Newark International (EWR)

Additional information about Atlantic City

  • Atlantic City is famous for its boardwalk, which is about four miles long.
  • You can cruise up and down the boardwalk in old style rolling chairs, hand-pushed starting at around $5.
  • Atlantic City started as a popular beach destination you can still have fun in the sun there during the summer months.
  • The New Jersey Coast including Atlantic City, is well-known as one of the best places on the East Coast to catch waves large enough to surf.
  • Known for its casinos today, Atlantic City actually didn’t have legalized gambling until 1976 which helped revive its tourism business.
  • Trump is a common name you will see throughout Atlantic City, the star of the apprentice has many properties in this Jersey Shore city.
  • Atlantic City is about nine miles from the airport. People often fly into Atlantic City International or fly into Philadelphia and drive east.

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