5 telltale signs you’re vacationing with a travel snob

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Gone are the days of five-star luxury resorts and all-inclusive deals. Travel snobbery these days is all about pursuing a genuine experience of local culture – which, ironically, is becoming rather generic. Figure it out with these five telltale signs you’re vacationing with a travel snob, because let’s face it, you just might be.

1. The first obvious hurdle will be picking a destination: Good luck navigating the minefield of blacklisted tourist destinations, where no “authentic” traveler would ever be caught dead.

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2. Leave the guidebooks at home – they’re so passé. Sneak one in your suitcase and it’ll only be thrown out the window or flushed down the toilet. Besides, the place you’ll end up going is probably so obscure, no guidebook has even been written about it yet.

Guidebooks © beaucroft/iStock/Thinkstock

3. All-inclusive? Puh-lease! It doesn’t matter how luxurious or what an incredible bargain you’ve found, your friend would rather sleep rough among rabid cats and dogs than stay in a place like that.

All-inclusive © haveseen/iStock/Thinkstock

4. Any kind of bus tour or pre-booked excursion is met with eye rolling and arguments about being a “serious” traveler.

Bus Tour © Zoonar/J.Wachala/iStock/Thinkstock

5. Heaven help you if you try to make a beeline for some fast food, or venture into the nearest Starbucks for a venti. You’ll be on a strict street food-only diet for the duration of your trip, and you’d better appreciate it.

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