Top 10 Skydiving Destinations

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When some travelers go on vacation, they like to see all the angles, and what better way to that than skydiving? We’ve checked out some dive-worthy sites around the world that make for spectacular viewing from up in the clouds.

Read on to see Cheapflights’ picks for Top 10 Skydiving Destinations, and be prepared to sing the chorus of “Free Falling” for the rest of the day.

Wailua, Hawaii
It’s no surprise that Hawaii has a beach. We’ve all seen it in pictures and postcards, but having an aerial view of these Pacific islands is an unmatched experience. From 13,000 feet, you can soar through Hawaii’s blue sky and see the entire island of Oahu, Kaena Point, Pearl Harbor and Diamond Head.

Plettenberg Bay, South Africa
The ultimate priority in choosing an ideal skydiving spot is scenery, and Plettenberg Bay certainly delivers. Situated on the coastline of the breath-taking Garden Route and the southernmost section of the continent, the Bay is home to hundreds of dolphins and whales that are easy to spot from the sky. Visit South Africa between May and October to get the best views.

Rocky Mountains, Colorado
Colorado has always made ceremonious tributes to all things outdoors, and skydiving is no exception. Free fall from the wide western sky and catch a glimpse of Longs Peak and the entire Rocky Mountain range for incredible geographic diversity.

Taupo, New Zealand
New Zealand is a kind of mecca for geographic masterpieces and adventures in the wild, so skydiving happens to be a perfect hybrid of the two. Above the monstrous, otherworldly peaks of Tongariro, Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe and close to the country’s largest lake (really a water-filled volcanic crater), Taupo, adventurers will get the thrill of altitude and natural beauty.

Zion National Park, Utah
While you can’t land directly in the park (these things are protected for a reason), you can fly into Utah and glide down next to Zion National Park, clearly observing Burnt Mountain, the Kolob Terrace, the Left and Right Forks of the North Creek, The East and West Temples and other major formations.

Interlaken, Switzerland
The thrill of skydiving in the Swiss Alps should probably be self-explanatory. Interlaken has gradually become one of the world’s top adventure-sports destinations, and when you skydive here, you’ll be able to observe the incredible peaks of Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau from completely new heights of Switzerland.

Monterey Bay, California
Outdoor activities in California usually revolve around tan, fit bodies jogging, swimming and surfing on the Pacific. Few people realize that being above it all is just as enticing as having the sand under your feet or the waves crashing over you. Fly above Monterey Bay, Salinas Valley and the Santa Cruz area, where you’ll find the (arguably) best view of the Pacific in the world.

Mission Beach, Cairns
Australia never runs short on exciting things to do by the beach, and skydiving happily exists within that category. Queensland is on Australia’s northern tropical coast, and is home to miles of magnificent golden beaches and World Heritage listed rainforests to observe from the clouds. Skydiving on Mission Beach allows for a high diversity of wildlife spotting, so book a flight to Australia to see it all.

Newport, Rhode Island
The rocky shores of Newport might not seem like the most exotic place to skydive, but skydiving above this New England beach town offers clear visibility to take in the sailboats, choppy waves and jagged coastline of Narragansett Bay, and of course the epic mansions of Rhode Island a few steps inland.

Wasilla, Alaska
Just 40 miles north of Anchorage, Alaska, Wasilla makes its mark on the map not only for its connection to Sarah Palin, but also its incredible resources of glaciers, mountains and green valley lakes – all of which make for spectacular panorama from way up there. The fact that Wasilla is also home to the Summer Solstice Celebration doesn’t hurt its scenic credibility either.