Cheap weekend getaways

If a vacation is not on your radar, but you need to get away, consider taking a cheap weekend getaway to see new sights, absorb a new culture and take a little break from life without breaking the bank. If you’re flexible, it’s easy to find the perfect cheap weekend getaway for you and your travel companions.


The excitement of a new city is like no other – fast-moving and bustling with diverse people, cities are havens for culture. Take a cheap weekend getaway in New York, and stay in a budget hotel for less than $100 per night. In San Francisco, cheaper accommodations can be found near the Castro and Mission neighborhoods. In Boston, hotels in South Boston are cheaper than staying in the city proper, and can be just as nice.


For a cheap weekend getaway full of sun and sand, pack your flip flops for the beach. South Beach Miami offers a perfect combination of shopping, cuisine and warm weather, while La Jolla in San Diego offers endless sunny days and lots of surfers. Want something a little quainter? Try the beaches of Cape Cod, Newport or Maine for a New England weekend getaway.


The serenity of mountains and lakes is matchless, and ideal cheap weekend getaways for people looking to decompress and get back to nature. Explore Denver for mile-high peace (and craft beer), or Lake Tahoe for a gorgeous blue centerpiece. Cross the border over to Banff for a mix of both.


No matter where you choose to spend cheap weekend getaways, where you sleep matters. If you’re looking in peak season and hotel prices are high, consider staying in an apartment or condo so you can skip the fancy amenities and save money by cooking. Most apartments come fully furnished and are accessible to the surrounding location.


It’s the difference from being an arm’s length from home, and actually being away. Boarding a flight truly means vacation, so consider shorter cheap weekend getaways within your region within a two-hour time span – they’ll be cheaper, faster, and get you somewhere a little further than you could otherwise. Go ahead, take off.

(Featured image: Thomas Shahan)