World’s 10 most awe-inspiring lakes

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Here’s our pick of the world’s 10 most beautiful, serene and mesmerizing lakes.

Here’s our pick of the world’s most beautiful, serene and mesmerizing lakes.

Lake Taal – Philippines

  • Region: Luzon Island
  • Surroundings: Volcanoes draped in rainforest
  • What makes it special: A small yet highly active volcano dominates its center
Lake Taal (Image: kennymatic)
Lake Taal (Image: kennymatic)

Lake Como – Italy

  • Region: Lombardy
  • Surroundings: Snow-capped mountains
  • What makes it special: Shoreline lined with grand villas
Lake Como (Image: kerryinlondon)
Lake Como (Image: kerryinlondon)

Plitvice Lakes – Croatia

  • Region: National park in Lika-Senj and Karlovac counties
  • Surroundings: Jagged, undulating and forested karst formations
  • What makes it special: The staggering turquoise water which cascades between these 16 interconnected lakes
Plitvice Lakes (Image: Valerii9116)
Plitvice Lakes (Image: Valerii9116)
Plitvice Lakes (Image: Andreas März)
Plitvice Lakes (Image: Andreas März)

Lake Bled – Slovenia

  • Region: Julian Alps
  • Surroundings: Forest nearby and mountains in the distance
  • What makes it special: The small island in its center adorned with a fairytale-looking 15th century church
Lake Bled (Image: ** Maurice **)
Lake Bled (Image: ** Maurice **)

Lake Atitlán – Guatemala

  • Region: Western Highlands
  • Surroundings: Forested volcanoes blanketed in mist
  • What makes it special: Flanked by three towering volcanoes to the south
Lake Atitlan (Image:
Lake Atitlán (Image:

Lake Matheson – New Zealand

  • Region: South Westland
  • Surroundings: Forest in the shadows of New Zealand’s highest peaks, Aoraki (Mount Cook) and Mount Tasman
  • What makes it special: The spectacular mountainous landscape mirrored on the perfectly still, dark organic leached water
Lake Matheson (Image: Phillie Casablanca)

Peyto Lake – Canada

  • Region: Banff National Park, the Rockies
  • Surroundings: Pine forest on the shore, vertical barren valley faces beyond
  • What makes it special: The color juxtaposition between the pale grey valley rock, the lush green pines and the lake’s bright turquoise water
Peyto Lake (Image: dyonis)
Peyto Lake (Image: dyonis)

Diablo Lake – U.S.

  • Region: Cascade Mountains, Washington state
  • Surroundings: Densely forested mountains
  • What makes it special: The intensely turquoise hue of the glacial water
Diablo Lake (Image: jeffgunn)
Diablo Lake (Image: jeffgunn)

Lake Titicaca – Bolivia/Peru

  • Region: The Andes
  • Surroundings: Arid high-altitude plains and snow-capped mountains
  • What makes it special: The many and varied indigenous communities that have settled and evolved around its vast shoreline
Lake Titicaca (Image: Kmilo__)
Lake Titicaca (Image: Kmilo__)

Sheosar Lake – Pakistan

  • Region: Deosai National Park, in Gilgit-Baltistan province
  • Surroundings: High-altitude, arid plains (13,589 feet above sea-level)
  • What makes it special: Tranquil, remote location
Sheosar Lake (Image: Mountain Photographer)
Sheosar Lake (Image: Mountain Photographer)

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