Wander through Indianapolis along the Indy Cultural Trail

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When it comes to exploring Indianapolis, the best way to soak up the city is by strolling or biking along the Indy Cultural Trail.

When it comes to exploring Indianapolis, park the car and grab your bicycle or walking shoes: The best way to soak up the city is by strolling or biking along the Indy Cultural Trail.

The 8-mile path highlights the merit of the city’s cultural destinations and the importance of the journey, both of which are seamlessly woven together in this immersive outdoor experience. Winding through Indianapolis’ six cultural districts with seven public art installations sprinkled throughout, the Indy Cultural Trail is redefining downtown Indianapolis as an arts and culture destination.

Cultural districts like Mass. Ave, a thriving arts community, and Fountain Square, known for its blend of funky galleries and upscale restaurants, are just a few of the experiences waiting for visitors of the Indy Cultural Trail. As you follow the fancifully paved path around downtown, you’ll also wander through other cultural districts like Indiana Avenue, the Wholesale District, Broad Ripple and the Canal & White River State Park.

It’s hard not to fall in love with Indianapolis as you make your way along the trail, surrounded by green landscaping and works of public art. One such installation is “Ann Dancing” by Julian Opie, a series of LED-lit panels outlining the female form as she sways back and forth outside the Chatterbox Jazz Club in the Mass. Ave Cultural District.

Visitors can also keep an eye out for the “Moving Forward” installation, a series of seven colorful bus shelters that don poetry from local artists.

Even the traffic signals get in on the fun along the Indy Cultural Trail. At the end of Massachusetts Avenue, a seemingly run-of-the-mill “Walk/Don’t Walk” signal actually flashes “Care/Don’t Care” to trail-goers.

The Indy Cultural Trail was unveiled in May 2013. A bikeshare program is expected to roll out this spring. But whether you decide to explore the trail by bike or foot, this PDF map will help you navigate your way along the trail. You can also learn more about the Indy Cultural Trail here.

(Main image: Eric Fischer)

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