Waiting to Board with Mayssam

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The Will Travel For Food blogger shares insider tips on … traveling for food.

Mayssam was born and raised in Lebanon and lived in New York City before finally settling on Montreal about 20 years ago. In a few previous lives, she worked as an interior designer, a graphic artist and even dabbled in catering. She has since reconnected with her true passions – food and travel – and now roams Montreal (and the planet!) as a blogger searching for delicious culinary discoveries. From Michelin-starred restaurants across the planet to the latest hole-in-the-wall restaurants down the street, she wants to taste it all! Follow Mayssam’s adventures on her blog, Will Travel For Food.


Cheapflights: How much of a role does food play in deciding where you travel?

Mayssam: It plays a major role in deciding where I go, but it is not the only factor – because wherever I go, I always manage to find some delicious food to eat. I do have to say though that I usually book restaurants before I’ve even booked my plane ticket!

CF: What’s the most memorable food-related experience you’ve had traveling?

M: There have been so many, from the time I traveled to Turkey with my parents and picnicked on a hilltop in the Turkish countryside barbecuing our own meat and enjoying the fresh air to the first time I bit into a Momofuku cake truffle in New York City – both are very different experiences but just as memorable. Oh, and there was also last summer when I interviewed Albert Adria at his new restaurant Tickets in Barcelona then sat down to enjoy a meal prepared by him.

CF: How has exploring food taught you about people and cultures?

M: You learn so much about a culture through its food! What is the origin of tapas? I got a lesson in culture and history when I asked that question in Barcelona this past summer. Ask a question about food and odds are you will get so much more than you bargained for and that the answer will be so very interesting!

CF: Is there a destination that you visit regularly?

M: I go to New York every few months. I used to live there and I consider it a second home. It is a source of inspiration for me – and such a great eating destination!

CF: How do you discover local or off-the-beaten-path places?

M: The internet and social media are great sources of information. I get a lot of info and recommendations through my Twitter account: @mayssamaha. I have followers all over the world and love getting recommendations from the people who live in a city I’m visiting. I very often return the favor by recommending local places in Montreal.

CF: Do you have a routine for staying healthy when you travel?

M: I try to get as much sleep as possible even when I travel. I need my seven to eight hours of sleep to function properly. I also try and stay as hydrated as possible.

CF: What is an absolute must on your packing list?

M: My iPad, which is usually filled with maps and lists of places to visits, itineraries, reservations, books, music, etc.

CF: What’s your routine before you fly?

M: I clean my apartment and tidy up well and I leave very detailed instructions to the cat-sitter. I then make sure I have good music on my iPhone or iPod, and a good book in my iPad. I check my packing list and make sure I have everything. I then try and get a good night of sleep, which usually never happens because I am so excited about my trip!

CF: Any tips on researching a new destination before taking off?

M: Being a foodie, I usually go through my list of restaurants first and make reservations. I then organize the rest of my time around that. I research by looking on the net. If it’s a long trip, I will buy a paper guide of my destination to take with me.

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