What type of flight booker are you?

So you’ve come to Cheapflights.com. Chances are, you are probably in the market for a, eh, well… cheap flight. But in the same way there are different kinds of travelers, it’s fair to say there are different kinds of flight bookers too. Here at Cheapflights.com, we know that everyone’s booking journey is a little bit different and we’re always working to make sure our site has the right tools to make the booking process simple. So whether you’re an organizational whiz or the ultimate planning procrastinator, we’re pretty sure we have something to help you get those flights booked.

Not sure what type of planner you are? Keep reading to find out what your booking personality is (and why Cheapflights.com is the right site for you).

The thrifty flight searcher

The thrifty flight searcher treats the internet like a limitless thrift store and knows that in the midst of all the cat videos and fake news articles, there are deals to be found. They’d happily search the internet for hours to find the cheapest possible deal, and not be put off by a pesky layover or inconvenient flight time. Enter Cheapflights.com. We cut out the endless searching through websites and let you compare prices from hundreds of airlines and travel agents. That way, you can see what’s out there and find the flight that works for you and your wallet. Also, in the name of research, browse our blog for cheap and free travel ideas and budget travel tips to make all aspects of the journey more affordable.

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The logical booker

These calm and collected types know that sometimes you get what you pay for. Before making a purchase they scour the web for reviews, peruse the Terms & Conditions with vigor and spend hours researching and comparing airlines and destinations. These logical bookers know that sometimes it pays to pay a bit more and also know that the quickest option isn’t always the most cost effective. For them, the Cheapflights is a godsend. Search and compare your options to make sure you’re getting the best deal available. The logical booker will also stay up to date on the latest price drops, flash sales and fare deals by following airlines and travel brands (like Cheapflights) on social media (go ahead, check us out on Facebook and Twitter). That way, you’re always in the know.

The impulsive purchaser

These busy folks know that at some point, they WILL book a vacation. They just don’t put too much thought into the wheres and whens. They know roughly what type of trip they’re looking for and just need something to push them in the right direction to find it. Back in the good ol’ days before the tech revolution, these people would be the ones to come across a deal taped to a travel agent’s window and be lured in. These days, they’ll find their vacay inspiration in their inbox. If you’re this person, it’s about time you signed up for the Cheapflights newsletter. It sends the best deals straight to your inbox every week.

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The on-the-go flight finder

These always-on-the-move individuals are constantly doing a million things at once and are the ultimate multi-taskers. It only makes sense that they typically search for flights on the go. Luckily, with the Cheapflights app, that’s no problem at all. Easily search for flights from your smartphone or mobile device, compare your options and you’ll have your travel booked before you make it to the front of the line for your morning coffee. Download it now and improve your time management skills in the process.

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The deal fiend

For these types of bookers, hunting isn’t really their forte. Their searching style could be described as more of a casual browsing. Although they’ll invest the time in finding the ideal trip, they like to keep the search easy. It may be a surprise to them then, that along with a flights, hotel and car rental search engine, Cheapflights.com also has a deals section of the website loaded with all sorts of offers, from flight sales to cruise deals to all-inclusive beach vacations. It’s called the “The Hotlist” and it’s updated with fresh deals every Wednesday.

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Booking a flight

So what type of booker are you? Let us know in the comments. And if you’ve been tempted to start the travel search, head on over to Cheapflights.com and start hunting for flights, hotels, car rentals and travel deals.

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