Travel eye candy: South Iceland in pictures

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Feast your eyes on the stunning sights of South Iceland.

Iceland’s landscape is unmatched — miles of farmland and rough but flat volcanic terrain, punctuated by spectacular mountains resting along the horizon. One look at this European country will tell you why it was chosen as a backdrop for everything from “Game of Thrones” to “Journey to the Center of the Earth.”

The colder months bring short daylight hours to Iceland (only about 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in November), but what you’ll see in the light (and the dark, for that matter) will astound you: waterfalls, geysers, glaciers, hot springs, plenty of farm animals and, if you’re lucky, the Northern Lights. Even better? You can fly from the East Coast of the U.S. to Iceland (the country’s main airport is Keflavik International Airport located outside Reykjavik) in about five or six hours depending on your departure city.

South Iceland features a series of popular tourist destinations situated along a 190-mile route often called The Golden Circle. The sights here are beloved for a reason: From the black-sand beaches of Vík to aerial views of Reykjavik — the most northern capital in the world — this area of the country serves up some of the best travel eye candy around. Enjoy!

1 blue-lagoon-1
The Blue Lagoon
2 blue-lagoon-2
The Blue Lagoon, complete with a swim-up bar.
3 hella
Dusk in Hella, Iceland.
The sun rises in Hella, Iceland.
The sun rises in Hella, Iceland.
4 seljalandsfoss-1
Seljalandsfoss from afar.
5 seljalandsfoss-2
Seljalandsfoss — look closely to see the person sightseeing on the left!
6 seljalandsfoss-3
The power of Seljalandsfoss.
7 volcano
Looking out at Eyjafjallajökul — a glacier capped by a volcano, which erupted in 2010.
8 volcano-and-ring-road
8a volcano-visitors-center
The Eyjafjallajökul visitors’ center.
9 skogafoss-sign
Skógafoss, a history.
10 skogafoss-1
Skógafoss from afar.
11 skogafoss-2
12 skogafoss-with-mountain
At the top of Skógafoss, looking out on to the mountains above.
12a mountain-near-skogafoss
Beautiful South Iceland.
13 stairs-from-skogafoss
The stairs leading up to the top of Skógafoss.
14 view-from-skogafoss
View from the top of Skógafoss.
15 horses
Icelandic horses — the only horses that have five gaits, including their signature gait, the tolt.
16 horses-2
17 horses-3
Riding in South Iceland.
18 geysir
Geysir, the geyser after which all other geysers have been named.
19 geysir-2
Geysir in the distance.
19a strokkur
The sign for Strokkur, a smaller geyser situated near Geysir.
19b strokkur-2
Strokkur, a geyser that regularly erupts every several minutes.
20 gulfoss-1
21 gulfoss-2
A closer view of Gullfoss
22 gulfoss-3
Gullfoss panorama.
23 mountains
The stunning, snow-capped mountains of South Iceland.
23 northern-lights
The Northern Lights — one of the world’s most amazing natural wonders.
24 northern-lights-2
The Northern Lights
25 northern-lights-3
The Northern Lights in Hella, Iceland.
28 vik
The coast of Vík, Iceland’s southernmost village.
29 vik-2
A Vík panorama.
30 vik-3
Vík’s black-sand beaches and the Reynisdrangar rock formations in the distance.
31 reykjavik-1
A city street in Reykjavik’s 101 district, with Hallgrímskirkja in the distance.
31a babalu
Cozy cafe Babalu in Reykjavik.
32 reykjavik-2
The view from the top of Hallgrímskirkja with Reykjavik’s colorful buildings below.
32a snaps
The menu at Snaps, a popular Reykjavik restaurant.
32b market
A vendor at the Kolaportid flea market in Reykjavik.
Inside The Laundromat, a quirky, popular bar-restaurant in Reykjavik.
Inside The Laundromat, a quirky, popular bar-restaurant in Reykjavik.
33 church
Looking up at Hallgrímskirkja.
33a organ
Hallgrímskirkja’s famous organ, which has 5,275 pipes, stands about 50 feet tall and weighs 25 tons.
34 church-and-statue
A statue of Leifur Eiriksson — a gift from the U.S. — stands outside Hallgrímskirkja.
35 church-and-statue-2
Eiriksson was reportedly the first European to discover the U.S.
36 leif-eiricsson
Inscription on the statue of Leifur Eiriksson.
Baejarins Beztu hot dog stand in Reykjavik -- one of our "Top 10 hot dog hot spots!"
Baejarins Beztu hot dog stand in Reykjavik — one of our “Top 10 hot dog hot spots!”
November snow in Reykjavik.
November snow in Reykjavik.

(All images by Melisse Hinkle)

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