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Ten travel beauty tips to ensure you look and smell good on the go.

10 easy ways to ensure you look and smell good on the go…

  • Wet wipes are a great way to freshen up ahead of landing in the airplane restroom (they’re great for removing makeup on the go too).
  • All the eyeliner in the world won’t disguise blood-shot eyes. Eye-drops are great for lubricating and soothing in-flight red eye.
  • Consider leaving lashes naked…shut-eye on the go can often see mascara migrate down cheeks.
  • Slather on the hand cream. The industrial soaps found in public washrooms are notoriously harsh on skin.
  • Consider forgoing the bright nail polish – it chips too easily. Buff and polish for a natural sheen or use a sheer color that won’t draw attention if it chips.
  • The air-conditioning on planes, train and automobiles can really dry out lips. Keep your kisser kissable by applying medicated lip balm liberally and frequently.
  • There are few occasions when your skin needs to breath more than when you’re traveling from A to B. If possible forgo the foundation for a tinted moisturizer.
  • Nab tester/sample pots/bottles for your favorite makeup and fragrance. Not only are they small and relatively lightweight, but they also comply with restrictive flight safety regulations.
  • Zip-lock bags are your friend. They hardly weigh anything (unlike those hefty train cases), and they adhere to security screening requirements. Use a few to compartmentalize your different types of makeup
  • Drink lots of water – keeping hydrated is the simplest, easiest and most crucial travel beauty tip anyone will ever share with you.

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