Top Places to Watch the Sunset in London, England

If you’ve ever seen the sun set in London, you’ll know that the city’s vibrant pink and orange skies don’t disappoint.

However, there are certain spots in London where the views are particularly special. From bucolic Hampstead Heath to the iconic Shard, these spots will provide the city’s best crepuscular views.


Primrose Hill © Ben Sutherland


Primrose Hill

It’s right there in the name – Primrose Hill offers a lofty perch in a pretty park that’s perfect for sunset viewing.

Providing top vistas of London and its sights, the Hill is undeniably popular among the families who live nearby.

Expect large groups of people taking in the colourful skyscape, with a glass of mulled wine on winter nights.


Top places to watch the sunset in London

Sunset form Limehouse Lock looking across the Thames to the City. Photo: winniepix



This East End neighborhood can be found northwest of Canary Wharf, right on the river’s bend.

It’s a perfectly tranquil bubble in which to watch the sun descend into the copper waters of the Thames and its muddy banks. A very city-chic option.


Alexandra Palace © istock/thinkstock


Alexandra Palace

Offering more than 196 acres of parkland for perfect for panoramic viewing, this iconic North London venue is the ideal place to soak up the sunset.

With a boating lake, ice rink, pub and restaurant, you can enjoy more than just the last rays of sunshine here.


The Shard © istock/thinkstock


The View From The Shard

Discover London’s skies from 310m up.

As the tallest building in London, The Shard not only offers epic sunset views over the Big Smoke, but also unlocks the city’s most famous landmarks.


Richmond Park © robhawkes


Richmond Park

Richmond Park is one of the only spots in London where the scenery is entirely unspoiled by buildings.

From the top of Henry VIII’s mound, the royal park gives spectacularly clear views.

Just add a sunset and the scenery is elevated from picturesque to magnificent.


Parliament Hill © EriSuch


Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath

Parliament Hill is Hampstead Heath’s highest point, and as such, offers some pretty spectacular sunset viewing. An almost rural spot, this quiet patch is a great place to watch the sun descend over central London.


River Thames Cruise © istock/thinkstock


River Thames Sunset Cruise

Take a river cruise between Westminster and Greenwich, and catch the city’s most famous sights and bridges at sunset. With a complementary drink and canapés, you can’t go wrong.


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