Three great Chinese restaurants in San Francisco

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San Francisco has plenty of terrific Chinese restaurants. Here are three of our favorites.

When you’re in San Francisco, pick a day to explore Chinatown. In the morning, delightful aromas emerge from restaurants as cooking begins for the day. Restaurant deliveries start, as trucks unload ingredients for the day’s feasts.

San Francisco has plenty of terrific Chinese restaurants. Here are three of our favorites:

  • Hunan Home’s Restaurant is a Chinatown institution. Locals love it. Billed by Chinese World Journal as the Best Bay Area Chinese Restaurant, the intimate eatery is located at 622 Jackson St. Order asparagus prawns, or prawns with honey walnuts. The crab with hot bean sauce is exceptional. This hot, spicy seasonal dish worth waiting for.
  • House of Nanking is another Chinatown niche, located at 919 Kearney, between Jackson St. and Pacific Ave. The homemade pork wonton soup is a good starter, and  will warm you up after a misty evening walk. Then, try the tender sautéed calamari, or the restaurant’s famous Nanking sesame chicken. Vegetarian? The glazed eggplant is excellent.
  • If it’s sheer opulence you’re looking for (in addition to the best table side views in Chinatown) Empress of China is your destination. This restaurant is in a high-rise, and is lavish and elegant. Start with the flambé quail. If you’re there during the right season, make the main course lobster ginger and scallion sauce. Spicy chicken in plum sauce is available year round. The Empress is located at 838 Grant Ave., in the heart of Chinatown.

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